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OIC calls upon member states to speed up efforts into stopping Israeli aggression, ensuring food provisions for besieged Gaza people

– Special Correspondent

Jeddah, October 19: The 58-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Wednesday called upon member-states to speed up their endeavours towards condemning and stopping the Israeli aggression, and ensuring necessary humanitarian supplies to the Palestinian people. It held an extraordinary open-ended meeting of its Executive Committee at foreign ministers level which strongly denounced the brutal Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people and reiterated the importance of the Palestinian issue for the Muslim Ummah as a whole.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, who are both the chairs of the Executive Committee and the current session of the Islamic Summit, jointly convened the meeting, to discuss the ongoing military assault by Israel against the Palestinian people.

It recalled the goals and tenets of the OIC Charter and highlighted all of the resolutions passed by the OIC on the issue of Palestine and the City of Al-Quds that uphold the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, particularly their right to independence, right to self-determination and return of Palestinian refugees, and establishment of an autonomous state of Palestine within the borders of June 4, 1967, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. As well as the Palestinians’ legitimate right to self-defense to confront the Israeli aggression that targets their lives, their sanctities, and their properties.

The meeting demanded the immediate cessation of the barbaric aggression of the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people and the immediate lifting of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip in light of the blatant and unprecedented Israeli aggression in the occupied Palestinian territory and the horrific massacres committed against civilians in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation forces.


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