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OIC to hold 5th Session of Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers in Baku

By Spl. Correspondent

Jeddah, Nov. 19: Amidst on-going Israeli aggression in the besieged Gaza strip, the fifth session of the Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers (ICLM) will be held in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, from November 21 to 23, 2023. The theme of the session is “Innovative Solutions and Digitalization of Labour and Employment Services in OIC Member States.

The ICLM will be hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MLSPP).

Labor ministers from all OIC member states will convene at the conference to discuss important concerns impacting the Muslim community in the evolving workplace, such as the effects of new technology, employment patterns, and social protection.

It is expected that the Conference will provide an opportunity for the OIC labour ministers to review the progress in the implementation of the resolutions of the ICLM and the OIC Labour Market Strategy and deliberate on the activities of the OIC institutions towards addressing unemployment, developing workforce capacity, and enhancing social protection in the Member States.

The ICLM will also witness the inaugural session of the General Assembly of the OIC Labour Centre, which is a newly established specialized OIC institution with its headquarters in Baku. In this context, the conference is expected to deliberate on how to support the nascent OIC institution.

The OIC Ministerial Conference on Labour is instrumental in boosting cooperation among the Member States in the areas of job creation, considering the prevailing high levels of unemployment in many OIC countries, especially among the youth.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Population Social Protection of Azerbaijan, Anar Karimov, said the Labor Center of the OIC will start operating in Baku next week.

Speaking at a press conference on the upcoming 5th Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers, Karimov said this will allow for the permanent representation of various programs in the field of labor relations in Azerbaijan.

“Elections for the center are due to be held next week. We think that a place will be initially allocated for the Labor Center at the DOST centers,” Karimov added.

The activation of the OIC Labour Centre will also promote mutually beneficial cooperation among OIC Member States in the areas of labour, employment, and social protection.


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