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Palestinian Struggle: The Great Unveiler

– Syed Sadatullah Hussaini

(Translated by Dr. Parvez Mandviwala)

God Almighty has promised the Believers that He would grant them a Furqan (criterion or standard to judge between right and wrong). In the 29th ayah of Surah al-Anfal, Allah says:

یاَیُّهَا الَّذِیْنَ اٰمَنُوْۤا اِنْ تَتَّقُوا اللّٰهَ یَجْعَلْ لَّكُمْ فُرْقَانًا وَّ یُكَفِّرْ عَنْكُمْ سَیِّاٰتِكُمْ وَ یَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ١ؕ وَ اللّٰهُ ذُو الْفَضْلِ الْعَظِیْمِ

O you who have believed, if you fear Allah, He would provide for you a Furqan and will remove from you your misdeeds and forgive you, for Allah is the possessor of great bounty.

An exegete of the Qur’an has offered quite an inspiring and insightful interpretation of the word, ‘Furqan’. He writes:

“Furqan is a criterion or standard. The function of a standard is to lay bare the impurities from the purities… The joint decisions of the Believers, their conflict with forces of evil and their fight against corrupt elements – they all become Furqan per se. Their very existence becomes a Furqan for other nations. Their legacy becomes a Furqan for history. Their wars serve as a Furqan to distinguish between right and wrong. History always obtains references from their existence and their achievements. This blessed ayah says that if you inculcate the quality of taqwa within you, God would cause a light to illuminate your hearts which would act as a criterion; and your existence would serve as a precedent for other nations, and your deeds would serve as beacons of light to judge between right and wrong.” 1

There no longer remains any doubt in the fact that the Palestinian struggle for independence has developed into a ‘Furqan’ for our era. The way in which it has unmasked this deceptive world’s vociferous claimants of culture and civilisation, remains, at least in recent history, absolutely unprecedented.

It is this very Palestinian resistance which has disrobed modern western authorities of their attractive and ornate masks of human rights, liberty, equality and democracy. It has laid bare before the world the racist, tyrant and vicious beast which has been tearing apart this earth with its bloodthirsty claws ever since the 16th century through the 20th century, enslaving and selling away millions of human beings and indiscriminately looting its resources.

The Palestinian resistance has made it clear to the world that modern western authorities are nothing but demons devoid of all morality and sound civilisational foundations! This underlying demon, that had long been obscured by the loud claims of liberty and democracy, has now finally been exposed to the world by the Palestinian resistance.

Everyone can now see for themselves that these authorities continue to treat Asian and African people as their subjects and slaves. They consider themselves entitled to their lands and resources, to be used and exploited at will.

Years ago, Maulana Ali Miyan Nadvi had cautioned us thus:

“This world has turned into a hunting ground. The hunters arrive with their weapons and keep hunting nations, one after another. They keep razing nations to the ground. Today’s superpowers regard Eastern countries as mines of raw material and sources of petrol; and if there erupts a war, they can use the inhabitants of those countries as foot soldiers to fight off their enemies, as if they are the fuel of their kitchens and nothing more…. They have begun to assume that the fate of those nations lies in their hands. They have been treating human beings like animals, nay, like lifeless objects, and there is no power in the world today that can put an end to this. Everyone has lost their power and essence. Everyone has forgotten their message. Everyone has abandoned their character. Everyone has fled the battlefield.” 2

This is the disastrous situation amid which the Palestinians have risen in the ‘battlefield’ with their ‘essence’ and ‘character’. They are not only refusing to become the ‘fuel’ of these demons, but are also blocking their schemes to turn other Third World countries into their fuel. They are not only the ‘Great Furqan’, but also the ‘Great Barrier’, for they are protecting the entire world from the devastating deluge of the evil of western authorities by acting as the ‘Barrier of Zul’Qarnain’. Had they not existed, it was quite possible that the tyrannical capitalism of the 21st century would have started a new wave of colonialism in the Third World. They are the benefactors of the entire Third World. They are the saviours of all the weaker nations of this world. Rather, the entire humanity is indebted to them.

In the following pages, we shall discuss those major schemes which have been exposed thanks to the Great Furqan of our era, the Palestinian resistance, and how this resistance is standing tall as a Great Barrier in the way of their nefarious plans.

Zionism: The Worst Racism of Our Times

Western authorities claim to be the champions of human equality; and that putting an end to racism all over the world is their primary goal. They keep accusing various countries and societies of fostering racism. In the year 1966, the United Nations Organisation ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 3. Since then, these authorities, under their self-attested assumption of moral superiority, have been using this Convention against several Third World countries. However, the Palestinian resistance has exposed to the world the truth that the biggest racist group on the face of the earth is that of the Zionists and their allies.

Racism lies at the very foundations of Israel’s existence, and serves as the most important pillar of its edifice. Right now, it happens to be the only country in the world whose constitution (Basic Law) officially recognises ‘race’ as the basis for citizenship. Israel’s infamous ‘Law of Return’ is a part of the set of ‘Basic Laws’ which enjoy the status of its constitution 4. Accordingly, it is the only country that makes laws on the basis of race. Israel discriminates among its citizens on the basis of their race, and it has raised walls of apartheid all over the country on this very racial basis. We shall discuss more about that as we proceed….

This racism is not only limited to the Jewish race or merely prejudiced in favour of the alleged Children of Israel. Western history is that of white supremacy, and the fact remains that Israel’s existence and its support is an extension of the same white supremacy. Accordingly, it is openly claimed that although Israel geographically is situated in Asia, ‘culturally’ (actually, racially) it is a part of Europe 5. Rather, it is on this basis that it lays claim to membership of the European Union, and its claim is being considered in all earnest 6. It already is a member of several European organisations 7.

What people don’t know is that the people Israel terms as ‘Children of Israel’, and the people it is granting citizenship from all over the world and making them settle down in Palestine, happen to be the people of various colours and races.

  1. About 32% are white Ashkenazis with blue eyes and golden hair, and they are of European racial descent 8. The vast majority of American Jews belong to this group, and they comprise 75% of all the Jews all over the world.
  2. About 45% are Mizrahi 9. These are those Jews who were either already residing in Palestine, or who used to reside in the Middle East and Northern Africa and had migrated to Palestine when the establishment of the Zionist state was announced. Their skin colour and racial characteristics resemble those of other Arab citizens.
  3. Beta Israelis are black people of African descent 10. They comprise 3% of Israeli Jews.
  4. Bene Israel or Shanivar Teli are those Jews who have settled down over there from various parts of India (especially, Maharashtra and Northeast India) 11.

Those who have a keen eye on Israeli politics know that the actual goal of all of Israel’s plots and schemes is to safeguard the interests of white Ashkenazis 12. It is for the sake of those co-racial whites that the western authorities of European and American countries are ever bent upon compromising with their cherished values. It is for the protection of one man of this white Caucasian race that sacrificing hundreds of Arabs, or rather entire Arab communities, does not look like a bad bargain to them. Even when it comes to fighting for the Israeli cause in dangerous battles, it is the Mizrahis, Beta Israelis and Shanivar Telis who are placed at the frontlines 13. Similar to the caste system prevalent in our country, marrying these ‘lower caste Jews’ is frowned upon 14. We have also seen reports of them being seated separately in schools 15. They are often the victims of riots 16. Indian Jews have especially been at the receiving end of their communal riots 17.

Zionist leaders have, on various occasions, publicly acknowledged this racism that exists within Israeli Jews. It has been the practice of western leaders to deceive the public by apologising for their past mistakes at regular intervals. Following this very policy, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has ‘apologised’ to ‘Eastern Jews’ for the prevailing racism against them 18. Former Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is regarded as an extremist intellectual leader belonging to the Likud Party. But when he was President (2014-21), even he acknowledged that racism is prevalent in Israel as he said, “Israeli society is sick, and it is our duty to treat this disease” 19.

Western authorities had sentenced Germany’s Nazi political and military leaders to exceptional punishments citing their racism. To date, they present Nazism as an epitome of evil. Not long ago, even if half-heartedly, they had been opposing South Africa’s racist policies (though they have also been creating hurdles in implementing the steps taken against South Africa by the United Nations Organisation and other international organisations, and hence been guilty of supporting its apartheid policies). But now, in Israel’s case, they have dropped the proverbial fig leaf too – they lay absolutely bare and exposed. They are openly supporting Israel! The following chart gives us a fair idea of how much more deplorable Israel’s racist policies are, when compared to apartheid South Africa.


Policy South Africa

(1948 – 1994)


(1948 to date)

Social hierarchy on the basis of race Officially, white Caucasians formed the superior-most group, followed by Indians, followed by Blacks. Their rights were also determined accordingly. Israel, for all practical purposes, rules over citizens of Gaza and the West Bank, but they have been left deprived of many legal rights 20. Practically, Ashkenazi Jews enjoy the same status that white Caucasians enjoyed in South Africa. They are followed by other Jews, followed by the Arabs living under Israeli jurisdiction, followed by the Muslims residing in Gaza and the West Bank, whose status is far more deplorable than the Blacks of apartheid South Africa.
Separation in public places, restrictions on movement Blacks were made to sit separately in buses, restaurants, etc. They had travel restrictions, and they were required to stay besieged within their own ‘homeland’. Likewise, Palestinians are made to sit separately at public places. The ‘Palestinian quarters’ of the West Bank have been divided into small and mutually disconnected parts. It is difficult for them to travel even from one village to another. The numerous checkpoints all over the place have made it practically impossible for them to travel anywhere at all. They are thus besieged within their small hamlets. 21
Deprived of Amenities The Blacks had restricted access to basic amenities like lands, water, healthcare and education. The same is the case with Palestinians. Several generations of Palestinians have grown up with limited land, limited water and restricted amenities, and they are being further curtailed day by day. Even in the West Bank, Palestinians are not allowed to purchase new land or take any on lease, whereas Jewish settlements are constantly on the rise. According to an Amnesty report, Israel has encroached upon more than 1 lakh hectares of Palestinian land ever since the 1967 war.
Discrimination in law There were separate sets of laws for white Caucasians which were intended to provide them with as much ease and comfort as possible, and a separate set of laws for the indigenous Black population which were intended at making their lives a living hell. 22 The same can be seen in Israel as well. They have separate laws 23. Israel’s Basic Law or constitution, which declares Israel to be the ‘Nation state of the Jewish people’, is a racist constitution by all accepted standards 24. Moreover, they have the ‘Right to Return’. Building upon the premises that Israelites were forced out of this land thousands of years ago, all Jews all over the world have been given the right to immediate citizenship upon ‘returning’ to Israel. On the other hand, since 1948, half the Palestinian people (who are living as refugees all over the world) have been denied the right to return to their homeland just because they do not belong to the Jewish race 25.
Apartheid wall In order to separate the Black people and to prevent their paths from intersecting those of white Caucasians, walls had been built all over cities. The wall constructed by Israel in the West Bank, which Israel calls the ‘security fence’, is just another Apartheid Wall. It is a 26-feet high and 700-km long wall which keeps Palestinian territories away from Jewish ones 26.


Denying Israel’s racism in the wake of such glaring and obvious proofs no longer remains viable. Accordingly, several international organisations have declared that Israel is a racist state. Two years ago, the international human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, released a special report and announced that Israel has crossed all bounds, and that it is clearly guilty of perpetuating apartheid 27. Amnesty International has also released a similar report. Even two organisations based in Israel, Yesh Din 28 and B’TSelem 29 have accused Israeli rulers of apartheid and racism. Last year, a special committee constituted by the United Nations to analyse the Israeli issue in detail tabled its report in which it had clearly concluded that Israel’s 55-year annexation is, by design, based on safeguarding the interests of a particular race and perpetuating injustice against people of another race, and this is none other than Apartheid 30. This report had created quite a hue and cry in Israel. While this article was being written, the initial draft of the latest report by the same committee has been released, which lists down several racist crimes committed by Israel 31.

If western authorities had even an iota of sincerity in their claims against racism, their attitude towards Israel would at least have been on lines with what it was with South Africa until 1990. But when it comes to the worst form of racism and apartheid of our era, far from opposing it, the American and British governments have assumed the role of Israel’s staunchest allies, backing it up with all the power at their disposal on every single occasion and openly supporting its crimes. This makes them its accomplice in racism and partners in crime.

The Zionist Authorities Are the Biggest Terrorist Organisation of Our Times

With the complete and absolute moral, ideological, military and financial support of the USA, UK and other western authorities, Israel is incessantly ravaging human rights in the worst possible manner. There is no need to state its details here because the entire world has been witnessing the mayhem unravel before their eyes since October 2023. Even within Palestine and Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, we see all the forms of oppression and tyranny being played out on a daily basis which, if committed even occasionally by any Asian or African country, leads to a huge pandemonium across the world. For instance: 32

  1. Extrajudicial killings: The merciless murder of ordinary citizens, women and even innocent children at the hands of Israeli security forces 33.
  2. Bombardment: The hysterical and indiscriminate bombardment of residential areas and markets, and even schools and hospitals, which does not find any precedent even in the two World Wars. They are, in fact, worse in some respects than the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 34.
  3. Innocent people are being kept imprisoned for months and years at end without any trial whatsoever. Those imprisoned include women and children 35.
  4. Torture and atrocities in jails 36.
  5. Houses being razed down by bulldozers, often without any prior notice, and without providing them with any alternative housing 37. It would be interesting to note that Israel’s former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who died in 2014 after battling coma for eight years, was known as Bulldozer Sharon 38.
  6. Cutting off water supply to Palestinian citizens and depriving the entire population of water 39.

Israel’s establishment itself is an outcome of one of the worst massacres of our times. In the year 1948, several Palestinian villages and cities were vacated by means of a massacre. This forced half the population of the country to flee and seek refuge elsewhere. This is called Naqba 40. Massacres have become the order of the day ever since. The 1956 massacres of Kufr Qasim 41 and Khan Yunus, the 1982 massacres of Palestinian refugee camps Sabrah and Shateela in Lebanon 42, the 1994 Ibraheemi Masjid massacre at Hebron 43 and the countless massacres in Gaza since 2000 are all obvious acts of terrorism in Israel’s charge sheet. But the 2023 Gaza massacre has broken all previous records of terrorism 44. Four times more people have already died than those killed in the 9/11 attacks. The overwhelming number of innocent children who have been killed in this terrorist attack is unprecedented not only in recent history, but also perhaps in medieval and ancient history. The explosive material that has been used has surpassed that used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Several cities have been reduced to rubble. Even hospitals, schools and UN relief centres have fallen prey to targeted bombardment.

It is not only the Palestinians, or the Muslims, or left-wing activists who level charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity against Israel; all international institutions have held Israel responsible for these crimes 45. Even Israel-based organisations have tabled these charges on the basis of detailed evidences 46. Charges of war crime have been filed against Israel’s armed forces and political leaders in the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose chief prosecutor has gone on record saying, “I am satisfied that war crimes have been or are being committed in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.” 47

After all this, does any doubt remain that the Zionist bloc is the biggest terrorist group operating in the world today? After having been exposed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the false western narrative of ‘War against Terrorism’ is now being brutally exposed by Palestinians.

Had the Palestinian resistance not existed, the world might have remained oblivious of the fact that western authorities are neither sincere agencies of law enforcement, nor are they serious about the rule of law; rather, international law is but a toy in their hands to achieve their interests.

Wherever international law has created hurdles in achieving their interests, American and British heads of state and policy-making institutions don the role of those corrupt Third World leaders who have earned disrepute because of their ill deeds.

Colonialism, Expansionism and Neo-settlements

The savage history of colonialism and neo-settlements is the ugliest stain on the face of modern western civilisation. Time and again, they have expressed their remorse for this history and apologised for it in an attempt to wash off this stain. However, Israel’s expansionist plans, and the absolute support of western authorities that they enjoy, are ample evidence to the fact that the west’s despicable expansionist and imperialistic strategies are very much alive even today.

There is no doubt that Israel’s actual project is nothing but ‘Settler Colonialism’ 48. It means that some foreigners come and massacre the local indigenous population or forcefully evict them from their homes and take over their lands. They then settle their compatriots on that vacated land. The history of western nations is brimming with this form of colonialism. They have unleashed this oppression upon the indigenous populations of North America (the Red Indians), Latin America, Australia and South Africa. Settler Colonialism is regarded as the most gruesome and horrendous form of colonialism. It should be known that the European colonialism of India and other Asian countries in the 18th and 19th centuries was not a form of Settler Colonialism because the local population of those countries was not expelled; only the government and resources of those countries were exploited. It is a matter of extreme shame for the ‘civilized’ world of the 21st century that Israel is unabashedly and unapologetically pursuing the policy of Settler Colonialism even today, and its western allies are supporting it in this pogrom.

Since the final decade of the 19th century, Jews from all over the world were made to settle down in the green and fertile plains of Palestine. It was said that the Jews had ancestors who lived in those very territories thousands of years ago. How many of the present Israeli Jews hail from the original Children of Israel and how many of them belong to Europe’s white Aryan race (who are not the direct descendants of the Children of Israel, but had embraced Judaism at various points of time for various reasons of their own) is a separate debate in itself. Even Jewish researchers now concur with the theory that there are indeed very few Jews today who have directly descended from the Children of Israel 49. Steering clear of this debate for a moment, as far as the actual Children of Israel are concerned, even their inalienable right over this land cannot be recognised by any standard. Prophet Abraham (whose descendants include both – the Children of Israel and Arabs) had migrated from Iraq to Palestine. From there, his grandson Prophet Jacob (aka Israel) relocated to Egypt along with his family when his son Prophet Joseph gained authority in Egypt. Prophet Jacob’s sons are called the Children of Israel. After a prolonged period of slavery in Egypt, the Children of Israel left Egypt for Palestine under the leadership of Prophet Moses. After roaming the desert for forty years, this group reached Transjordan, where Prophet Moses passed away. Under the leadership of his successor, Joshua s/o Nun, the Children of Israel successfully entered Palestine for the first time. After spending many years there, and emerging victorious in a battle with Saul as their king in 1047 BC, they managed to establish their rule over this land for the first time in history 50. Prophet David was proclaimed king, followed by Prophet Solomon, under whose reign this kingdom rose to the pinnacle of glory. Following the death of Prophet Solomon, the Children of Israel fought among themselves. Finally, Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed Jerusalem in 587 BC and imprisoned the Children of Israel, taking them all to Babylon, resulting in their global diaspora 51. On the other hand, the Palestinians have been residing in Palestine with their separate cultural identity and distinct social characteristics all these four thousand years 52.

Thus, the Children of Israel had settled in Palestine from elsewhere, and they had stayed and ruled there only for 400 years, which was 3000 years ago. If their right over this land today is recognised on this basis, then we shall soon see the day when the British claim their ‘right to return’ and ‘right to authority’ over India on the basis of a more recent and proven and established history, and France, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Russia and all other colonial powers also begin to reclaim their former colonies!

If Jews are indeed the rightful owners of Palestinian plains
What stops the Arabs from claiming European Spain?

The indigenous Palestinian population that has been living in Palestine for thousands of years was thus evicted on the basis of this flimsy argument, and the state of Israel was formed. Half the Palestinian population was immediately driven away from the country. They live as refugees in Jordan, Syria, Egypt and other countries.

But the establishment of Israel did not put an end to their Settler Colonialism drive. In the past 65 years, Israel has constantly been expanding its borders. It does not give two hoots about any international law or any resolution passed by the United Nations Organisation. On their part, western authorities also seem disinterested in making it abide by those laws 53. The entire Palestinian population is more than twice the population of Jewish settlers, about half of which has taken refuge abroad. Even the population that currently resides within Palestinian borders exceeds that of Jewish settlers. This population has been imprisoned in two small and mutually disconnected territories – Gaza and the West Bank. The West Bank has again been divided into many little disconnected plots. If there’s a Palestinian village, it is surrounded on all sides by Israeli settlements. If a person wishes to travel from one village of the West Bank to another, he has to pass through Israeli settlements, the perils of which cannot be described 54. This unjust division has been accorded sanction by the Oslo Accords by naming them Zones A, B, C 55. But Israel is not content at this injustice too; even those territories which had been recognised as Palestinian territories under the Oslo Accords are being constantly encroached upon, and settlements are being built even there 56. The principal target of this expansion is East Jerusalem, which is home to the Bait-al-Maqdis.

What does Israel seek from this constant expansion? What is its ultimate claim? This has never been officially revealed. But the dream and idea of a Greater Israel (Eretz Yisrael) has always been echoing from Israel’s political parties, religious leaders and intellectual circles. What does Greater Israel imply? This, too, has never been clarified. Its smallest and most limited concept is ‘from the River (Jordan) to the (Mediterranean) Sea’. This covers all of the historical territory of Palestine – including the recognised Israeli territory + the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza 57. This is the Biblical territory of the Children of Israel – from Dan to Be’er Sheva 58. Dan and Be’er Sheva are, respectively, the northernmost and southernmost cities of today’s Israel. This means that Israel wishes to annex whatever little territory remains with the Palestinians and whatever little authority they have over it.

Another concept is that apart from the aforementioned historical boundaries of Palestine, Greater Israel includes certain parts of Jordan, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights of Syria 59. Israel has been making attempts to annex these territories, and has even managed to do so at some point in time.

The third idea is ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’, and it also happens to be the most talked about one. Biblical references are presented to substantiate this claim as well 60. This includes the entire land of Palestine, the entire land of Jordan, the entire land of Lebanon, most of Syria, the Sinai Peninsula, the vast East Egyptian coast, more than half of Iraq (including Basra, Najaf and Karbala), some part of Türkiye and a large part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (which, in certain versions, includes Madinah as well). This entire territory comprises the Greater Israel. The map here gives us a fair idea thereof.

Evidence exists to prove that this was the very idea that Zionist leaders harboured in their minds at the outset 61. According to Yasser Arafat, the two blue lines on Israel’s flag represent the Nile and Euphrates 62 and that the old Israeli coin of 100 Shekel shows a map that denotes this very vision 63.

Israel’s infamous Defence Minister, Moshe Dayan, has been quoted saying, “We have acquired Jerusalem, and we are now marching towards Madinah and Babylon” 64.

This is not just about some passionate speeches or ideological theories; Israel has been defiantly and incessantly pursuing its expansionist plans right from day one. The land under its control and the area occupied by Jewish settlements has been increasing year after year 65. Israel is so determined about its expansionist policies that it even puts up with all the global criticism that is hurled against it and risks major wars and also endures exposing its citizens to various dangers and damages. It does not abandon its expansionist plans at any cost. It is because of this attitude that the world takes these theories seriously and believes that Israel is secretly working to achieve them.

The Awe of Power and the ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ Bubble

A major achievement of the Palestinian resistance movement is that it has burst the delusionary bubble of Israel’s famed strength and power – the illusion that it is undefeatable, and taken away the steam from the all-pervasive ‘Jewish conspiracy’. I wrote about this in my book, Muslim Ummah – The Way Ahead, where I explained:

“Conspiracy theories create larger-than-life figures of evil mongers who disobey God. They make them appear as exceedingly powerful, possessing extraordinary strengths and abilities, and the masters of such absolute power that all the matters of the world are subject to their will and plan, to the point that they are considered omnipotent and omniscient. Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionism and even the right-wing fascist forces of our own country are thought to hold the reins of every small and big event that occurs in this world. From political and economic matters to even natural disasters, from scientific research to moral and cultural trends, there seems to be no aspect of human life which is not controlled by them. They never seem to fail, and there is not a leaf that falls without their knowledge and consent. They plot and plan, and everything in this world happens in accordance with their plan, down to the last detail.

“These theories are the outcome of a severe form of depression and disappointment, and they further fuel depression and a sense of status quo. When a person feels that his life is in complete control of an unseen enemy who controls everything that happens in this world, he sees no point in making an effort. These are usually those events and occurrences which provide strong grounds for research and investigation, inventions and discoveries, efforts and endeavours. But if someone is consumed by conspiracism, why would he seek the real and actual cause behind that occurrence? He would simply call it a conspiracy and all he would do is curse for those conspirators, nothing else.” 66

A very important achievement of the Palestinian resistance has been to sever the roots of these cowardly theories. Moreover, it has provided an undeniable testimony to the Quranic proclamation, “Indeed, the plots of Satan are but feeble.” [Surah an-Nisa’: 76]

People say that Israel, despite being a small and young country, is triumphant over all Arab nations. While it is true that the neglect, weakness and meekness of Arab nations definitely has contributed immensely to this situation, but assuming Israel to be a big and undefeatable power betrays one’s lack of understanding. Israel is not fighting Palestine alone and all by itself; it has the backing of all international players.

The USA happens to be the biggest economic and military power on earth. The amount of financial and military aid that Israel receives from the USA is beyond imagination. Right now, the USA provides Israel with an annual aid of $3.8 billion just for military purposes 67. It has been clearly mentioned on record that the purpose of this aid is to provide Israel with a ‘Qualitative Military Edge’ over its neighbouring countries68. Apart from the USA, there are a number of countries like Germany, the UK, France and Spain which have been aiding Israel regularly for the past 75 years.

And not just financial aid; these major powers also equip Israel with the most advanced weapon systems and defence technologies. They also train the Israeli army in defensive techniques by conducting joint operations. These countries have stationed their military units close to Israel for quick assistance. The USA has several military bases in West Asia for the sole purpose of defending Israel. American and European permanent foreign and defence policies for the Middle East are always drafted with Israel in mind. Aiding Israel is these countries’ most important defence project.

Apart from financial aid and defence, they also have Israel’s back on the political and diplomatic fronts. Whenever all the countries of the world become one voice to stop Israel from committing its acts of tyranny, these major authorities step in to ‘veto’ those proposals. Till date, the USA has used its veto power 82 times in the UN Security Council, of which 46 (i.e. more than half) have been to protect Israel. Likewise, the UK and France have used their veto powers 29 and 18 times respectively, of which, 13 and 11 times they have used it to shield Israel from being held accountable or punished for its crimes. It seems as if the major authorities have been granted this undemocratic, unjust and uncivilised veto power for the sole purpose of defending Israel 69.

In the face of these facts, who can say that the unarmed Palestinian activists are fighting merely against Israel? What is actually true is that they are standing against the tyranny of all those major global authorities; they are holding off the most powerful coalition in human history.

The Palestinian resistance is easily the most unparalleled resistance of our times, and it is now changing the world. The world’s public opinion is veering in favour of Palestine and against Israel. I have deliberately used the term ‘western authorities’ in this article. Every nation and community on earth has some good elements within it.

The people residing in western countries have been fed lies by their governments and their media. Their propaganda had made them ignorant of the truth. But now that they are getting to know the true story, we can see that they are staging much bigger protests against Israel’s savagery than Muslim nations are. People are rounding up the Prime Ministers of Canada, UK and other countries and asking them questions.

It has become impossible for most Israeli Generals and politicians to enter the UK because their courts (against the wishes of their own ruling class) are issuing arrest warrants against them under Britain’s Universal Jurisdiction Law 70. The pressure of public opinion is so strong that even a country like France was forced to condemn Israel’s illegal settlements 71 and vote against Israel in the UNO 72. After having faced public outcry at several places, the Canadian Prime Minister was forced to issue a statement saying,

“The world is watching, on TV, on social media, we are hearing the testimonies of doctors, family members, survivors, kids who have lost their parents. The world is witnessing this killing of women, of children, of babies. This has to stop.” 73

This statement seems to be burdened under the weight of public opinion. Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister has called for sanctions to be imposed against Israel 74, which was seconded by Belgium’s minister too 75. The dissenting note submitted by several officers of the US Department of State has been the hot subject of debate in the media, in which the officers have not only opposed President Biden’s pro-Israel policies, but have also levelled serious charges against the President of lying and being complicit in committing war crimes 76. The resistance has created a worldwide movement in which justice-loving citizens are becoming cognizant of their rulers’ tyrannical, inhuman and immoral policies. This awareness and cognizance would definitely (God willing) bring about a concrete change and herald a revival of morality around the world.

It is our responsibility to help the world in this awareness campaign, to bring forth the truth, to give a proper direction to public opinion. We should not let the sacrifices made by the Palestinians go waste. We need to assist the international community in seeking sound foundations for true justice.

The public opinion of our country matters a lot. Our real support for the oppressed Palestinians would be to keep the citizens of this country updated of the actual truth, so that India’s historical pro-Palestinian stand remains strong and unfazed.

The purpose of this article was to contribute to this very cause.


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