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Professor Mohammad Naquib Bags Indo Middle East Academic Excellence Award

New Delhi, Nov. 28: Dr. Mohammad Naquibur Rahman, Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, College of Business and Economics, Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia, has been awarded Indo Middle East Academic Excellence Award for the Best Marketing Professor Award in the category of marketing management.

He has received this award for his remarkable performance in the field of teaching and research at UAE International Conference organized by Global Research Forum at IDM International University, Sharjah during 19-20 November.

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Amitabh Upadhya, President, IDM International University. It provided a dynamic platform for high thinking leaders, rich in academics industry expertise, and paradigm shift oriented scholars to explore intricacies of sustainable growth.

During the conference, discussions were explored into economic uncertainties, regulatory landscapes and societal expectations, emphasizing the need for responsible and enduring overall growth of society.

Dr. Naquib asked the students to focus on gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve learning outcomes and abilities to gain employment and/or advance in their selected career fields.

He also underlined the need that the students must grow their professional knowledge and develop self-confidence to face the neck-to-neck market challenges.

In this same conference, he presented a paper titled “Impact of emerging trends and socio-economic factor on Saudi Arabian consumer behavior”. He published a number of research articles in the field of marketing and retail management extensively, which have been indexed in Scopus and Web Science Journals.

Mohammad Naquibur Rahman earned Master of Business Administration, major with Marketing, LLB in Business Law, PGJMC and a Ph.D. in Advertising. Before entering academia, he worked for Pepsi, Coca Cola in India, Al-Marai Milk and Aujan Coca Cola beverages Ltd. in Saudi Arabia and Yamen. He also served as a marketing advisor to Sadafco Milk Company in Saudi Arabia. His initial education started from his native village Solra, Gaya.




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