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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Kannada Literature

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life has been an important subject of study among non-believers, too. Some towering personalities of the Kannada literature have had the privilege to write about the benefactor of mankind.

Yogesh Master

Latest to join them is Yogesh Master, a teacher, a theatre activist and writer. His understanding of the Prophet is sketched as Nanna Arivina Pravadi (Prophet of my comprehension) which is now popular among the Kannadigas.

Author Yogesh Master shared his insights, depicting Prophets as guiding lights during periods marked by discrimination and violence. He portrayed Prophet Muhammad ﷺ not merely as a spiritual leader but as a multifaceted figure – a social reformer, scientist, and psychologist. He has highlighted the harmonious union of devotion exhibited by followers of different faiths.

The book was released at the launch of a campaign ‘Prophet Muhammad, The Architect of Human Equality’ observed recently by Karnataka chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Mr. Chiranjeevi Singh, IAS, retired Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka, released the book.

Mr. Singh highlighted that the book deviated from the conventional biographical approach, choosing instead to explore the realm of emotions and experiences.

He emphasized the book’s purpose, which sought to deepen the comprehension of the teachings of various prophets and the universal message of unity surpassing religious boundaries.

Mr. Raghunath Cha.Ha, the Executive Editor of Sudha and Mayura, popular Kannada journals, contributed insightful commentary on the book. He praised its relevance in conveying vital lessons for the construction of an upright and wholesome society. He commended its role in nurturing brotherhood and dispelling prevailing myths surrounding Islam and Islamophobia. The book, in his perspective, served as a testament to the peaceful and integrative essence of Islam.

Until this new arrival, Prof. Koneru Ramakrishna Rao’s (1932-2021) book Muhammad Mahan Pravadi (Muhammad the great Prophet) was the most circulated one. His book has been translated into Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Marathi also. He was an internationally recognised psychologist and served as president of US-based Parapsychological Association and Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.

Earlier, Purohita Thiru Narayana Iyengar Narasimhachar (1905-1998), commonly known as Pu Ti Na, a great playwright and poet had penned down Pravadi Muhammad.

Another litterateur who had the honour of writing on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa (1904-1994) popularly known by his pen name Kuvempu, widely regarded as the greatest Kannada poet of the 20th century. His articles on the life and message of the Prophet are held in high esteem.

The honour of first writer goes to Belluru Mylaraiah Srikantaiah, popularly known as B.M. Shri (1884-1946) who authored Paighambar Muhammad in early 1920s.



Muslim Scholars
Odiri (Read) is widely circulated biography of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ written in creative Kannada prose by Bolwar Mohammed Kunhi, a banker, short story writer, novelist, playwright and scriptwriter.

Introducing great personalities to children requires a special skill which Abdul Rehman Pasha has exhibited in his book Pravadi Muhammed. He is a Language, Media, Life Skill trainer, Writer, professional translator, Scientific Temper and Constitution Literacy communicator.

Pravadi Jeevana Mattu Sandesha (Life and Message of the Prophet) by Ibrahim Saeed (1945-2007) is the most popular book in Kannada which has seen several editions. Ibrahim Saeed was the founder editor of Sanmarga, a Kannada weekly published from Mangalore. He served as president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka and Goa during 2003-07.


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