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Protesters Slam Israel, Raise Voice against Genocide in Gaza

– Raheem Khan

Jaipur, Feb. 11: More than 100 people protested against Israel in front of the Albert Hall Museum here Sunday. The protesters raised their voice against the ongoing genocide in Gaza and demanded human rights for the Palestinian people.

Protesters included civil society, PUCL, students and citizens of Jaipur. They expressed their views on various issues related to Palestinians and raised slogans demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

14-year-old students Iza and Anya said the Israeli army is killing innocent children and women in the name of self-defense in Palestine. He said that if this is not stopped, many more innocent people will be killed for no reason.

Palash, Arundhati and Vihan, who were present in the protest, also recited poems written on Palestine. The main objective behind the protest was to spread awareness among the people and inspire them to demand a ceasefire.

This is one of many protests against Israel that have taken place in Jaipur as in many other cities around the world.


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