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Proud Moment as Telangana Police SP Salutes IAS Trainee Daughter on Father’s Day Eve

Hyderabad, June 17: It was a heartwarming and proud moment at the Telangana State Police Academy when Deputy Director and Superintendent of Police (SP) N Venkateswarlu saluted his daughter, N Uma Harathi, an IAS trainee officer. The touching incident coincidentally took place on the eve of Father’s Day, making the moment even more special.

The event unfolded on Saturday during a seminar attended by IAS trainee officers, including Uma Harathi, who has been posted in Vikarabad. Venkateswarlu’s salute to his daughter was a poignant acknowledgment of her remarkable achievement, having secured the third rank in the 2022 UPSC exams and joining the IAS.

This gesture was met with smiles and admiration from onlookers at the academy, who appreciated the unique scenario of a father recognizing his daughter’s higher official position. Such moments underscore the pride and joy parents feel when their children achieve significant milestones. For Venkateswarlu, seeing his daughter excel and surpass him in rank was a testament to her hard work and dedication, reflecting the ultimate reward for a parent’s support and encouragement.

Parents universally share the profound pride and fulfillment that comes with their children’s accomplishments. Witnessing their offspring succeed in challenging endeavors is often considered a validation of their nurturing and sacrifices. For Venkateswarlu and his family, this Father’s Day will undoubtedly be remembered as a celebration of both personal and professional triumph.


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