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Reinstate Suspended Teachers in Khajuri Immediately: Muhammad Nazimuddin

– Raheem Khan

Jaipur, Mar 1: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Rajasthan president Mohammad Nazimuddin has said in the context of the suspension of teachers in Khajuri that the allegations of conversion and love jihad against the teachers are false and baseless. He also said the remarks made by the education minister are indecent and inspired by communalism, which has hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community.

He also drew the government’s attention that statements have been given by the teachers, students and some officials of the Khajuri school to clarify that the suspended teachers did not make any attempt to convert or love jihad. Therefore, the suspension and APO of the teachers without evidence and without investigation is only an act of targeting and intimidating the Muslim community.

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He has demanded from the government that the way the education minister is making indecent remarks and taking one-sided action should be stopped. He said the suspended teachers should be reinstated and returned to the school as soon as possible.


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