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Remember the Reminder? Allah is the best of planners!

– Yusra Firdaus

Remember the reminder? The verse that says,
“Allah doesn’t burden the soul more than it can bear.”
Echoes of hope can be seen on every Palestinian face,
Yet, this is a cruel world that always needs its trace.
How exciting it is for the world to look at the aircraft in the sky!
Except for the children of Palestinians who think they can no longer survive!

Remember the Reminder? The verse that says,
“Verily, from hardship comes the Ease”.
War crimes are at their peak, not sparing even the shades of trees.
Flags are banned, victims are blamed,
Babies are burned, innocence snared.
Young and old, children with toys, Lies turn Truth and Truth turn Lies.
Not the Fear of Is-real we Muslims see; Pain is filling the Van of Ice-Cream glee.

Remember the Reminder? The verse that says,
“…And enter My Paradise”. Oh, my righteous slave.
Palestinian children seem to be spending time with Prophet Ibrahim.
Sleeping in the grave with their paradise dream.
Injustice, genocide –what do we need to live a life?
Even with everything, there’s always a question that arise!
Bags are filled with parts of Child,
As history repeats, we see smiles on the faces of every martyr.

Remember the Reminder?
“O Children of Israel! Remember My blessing which I bestowed upon you, and that I have favored you over all people”
Then comes the command to the world to stay away forever.
Realizing that every rock and tree will not be spared,
For every Jew who hides behind them in a pair.

Remember the Reminder?
“Every soul has to taste the death,” and for which none is spared.
For every living thing on earth, death awaits.


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