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Retired Traffic Policeman from Nanded, Shaikh Abdul Ameer proves ‘honesty is the best policy’

Nanded: A WhatsApp message was doing the rounds recently. It was an appeal sent by senior journalist Jugal Dhoot and his friends to raise money for a retired traffic policeman from Nanded, Maharashtra. The group has organised a charity musical orchestra on September 10, the proceeds of which will go to the policeman.

But what is so special about this retired traffic policeman that he has developed his own ‘fan club’ who are cheering him and trying to raise charity to help him financially?

Shaikh Abdul Ameer on duty

His name is Shaikh Abdul Ameer. After dedicating 27 years to the Nanded police unit, Shaikh retired, but his commitment to managing traffic remains unwavering. At the age of 61, he dons a white shirt, and khaki pants, and carries a whistle every day as he diligently oversees traffic flow at crucial junctions throughout the town. His decision to continue working post-retirement is driven by his desire to stay active and maintain good health, believing that it helps prevent illnesses.

Shaikh formally applied to the traffic branch and offered his voluntary services to contribute to the community. Shaikh stated that his application was promptly accepted. He attributed this success to the goodwill he had accumulated over the years, which led motorists to heed his advice without engaging in disputes.

Furthermore, Shaikh is the father of two sons and a daughter. His daughter enlisted in the police force the previous year. One of his sons is currently in the process of preparing for police recruitment, while the other is focused on pursuing higher education.

When questions were raised over his attire, Shaikh clarified that he refrains from using any symbols or tags that would depict him as a serving policeman. Despite his 27 years of service in the police department, he still resides in a rented house. Shaikh is proud that he never took a single bribe throughout his life. His ‘fan club’ is therefore raising funds for him to construct his own house.

We need more of such policemen. Helping them when they are in need is our collective responsibility.


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