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SIO Launches ‘Embrace Divine Path: Strive for Success’ Campaign

Guwahati, Dec. 27: Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO unveiled the “Embrace Divine Path: Strive for Success” campaign at Hidayat Centre here. Salman Khan, SIO Secretary-General, and National Secretary Md Sultan Hussain witnessed active participation of leaders from the northeastern states. Among them were Suhail Ahmad (President Assam South), Rameez Abdullah (President Assam North), President JIH Guwahati, and ZAC members from SIO Tripura.

Presiding over the launch ceremony, Mr. Salman Khan articulated that this initiative, rooted in Islamic values, aims to propel success by aligning with the principles outlined in the Quran, thereby accentuating the role of Islam in shaping a prosperous life.

Khan underscored that the campaign places significant emphasis on Quranic guidance as a comprehensive roadmap for success in both worldly and spiritual pursuits. Aligned with the principles of Islam, it encourages individuals to strive for success while upholding ethical conduct and justice.

Furthermore, the campaign spotlighted a Quranic verse from Surah Al-Fussilat, emphasizing trust in Allah and discouraging fear and worry. It also advocated the foundational principle of “taqwa” as crucial for success, in accordance with the Quran.

Ultimately, the campaign aspired to seamlessly integrate Quranic teachings into daily life, fostering awareness and an active pursuit of success. The organization firmly believes that success extends beyond materialistic achievements, reaching spiritual heights, and embodying a holistic approach to accomplishment. When applied, Quranic principles contribute significantly to personal development, righteousness, and a commitment to justice an ethos central to the teachings of Islam, Khan emphasized.


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