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SIO Unveils Critical School Survey Report, Calls for Comprehensive Educational Reforms in Karnataka

Bengaluru, June 18: In a pivotal step towards enhancing the public education system in Karnataka, the Student Islamic Organization (SIO) released an extensive “School Survey Report” at an event held at MLA Bhawan here Saturday. The report was launched by esteemed educationist Prof. K.S. Sudhakar, MLC Naseer Ahmed, CERT Director Roshan Mohideen, and Zeeshan Aqeel, among other dignitaries, highlighting the urgent need for reforms in line with the Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009.

The survey, undertaken in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Research and Training, examined 151 schools across 19 districts, encompassing urban, rural, government, and private institutions with varied mediums of instruction. The findings reveal serious concerns, including the dropout of 270 students predominantly from migrant and laborer families, and a lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water and separate toilet facilities for boys and girls.

Distinguishing itself from mere criticism, the SIO report proposes actionable solutions to these issues. Key recommendations include empowering the State Advisory Council to fully implement the RTE Act, extending its coverage from birth to 18 years to include early childhood care, allocating 20% of the total education budget to bolster the public education system, and ensuring timely recruitment of teachers through legislative measures.

The SIO’s methodical and constructive approach has set a new benchmark for student organizations, demonstrating that academic critique coupled with practical solutions can drive impactful change. The report’s data-driven methodology and cooperative spirit have been lauded by both educationists and policymakers.

The event saw a convergence of diverse stakeholders, including representatives from various educational organizations, student leaders, and activists, highlighting the broad recognition of the need to address the report’s findings urgently.

In a closing address, Niranjanaradhya expressed optimism that the government, led by Chief Minister Siddaramayya, renowned for his social justice initiatives, would take decisive action to support the comprehensive implementation of the RTE Act.

The SIO’s “School Survey Report” has ignited a renewed dialogue on ensuring quality education for all children in Karnataka. By focusing on pragmatic solutions and showcasing a commitment to equitable education, the SIO has set a precedent for other organizations, inspiring collaborative efforts towards a more inclusive education system.


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