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Solve problems, fulfil people’s expectations: JIH State President tells new govt.


– Raheem Khan

Jaipur, Dec. 24: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Rajasthan organised a press conference on “The current situation of the state and our expectations from the new government” at the Islamic Center here Saturday. The press conference aimed at making the new state government aware of the problems prevailing in the state and to discuss issues like employment, women’s safety, social harmony, communalism, etc.

JIH Rajasthan State President Muhammad Nazimuddin, while addressing the press conference, said the new government has taken charge in the state. “This is part of the democratic process and is the strength of our country. We extend our best wishes to the new government. Naturally, citizens have certain expectations from every government, the fulfilment of which is the duty of the government,” he said.

He further said that during the recent election campaign, communal elements unnecessarily used communal slogans and provocative speeches, which is regrettable. “In the last few years, there have been incidents of mob lynching and communalism at some places in the state and hostile slogans were raised in rallies and processions, this is also a matter of concern. We expect that the new government will try to maintain love and brotherhood in the state. We believe that cooperation of social and religious organizations of the state should also be taken in this effort,” he asserted.

He expressed concern that the incidents of taking law into one’s own hands have increased continuously in the last few days in the state. He expressed hope from the government’s decision to form Anti Gangster Task Force that the new government will implement this task force effectively and will make concerted efforts to improve law and order.

Discussing women’s safety, he said women’s safety has also weakened in the state in recent times. There has been an increase in incidents like molestation and rape of women and girl students, which has created an atmosphere of fear among women and girl students. He asked the government to pay immediate attention to this issue and take effective steps to strengthen women’s safety. He said that for this formation of special courts and efforts to speed up the judicial system and get the culprits punished would be effective steps.

He drew the attention of the government to the lack of medical facilities in proportion to the population in rural areas. There are no primary health centers in many villages; where they are, there are no medicines and other facilities and in some places there is a shortage of doctors. He hoped the new government will pay special attention to this, and we also hope that the ongoing ‘Chief Minister’s Free Medicine Scheme’ and schemes related to education, health, employment, etc. in the state will not only be continued but will also be expanded. They will be made more effective and their reach to more and more people will be ensured.

He said we hope that the new government will try to make the state more developed, prosperous, peaceful and harmonious and prioritize the upliftment of farmers, poor, youth, women, backward classes and minorities.

He termed the recent suspension of 146 Opposition MPs in Parliament as unjust and dangerous for democracy. The Opposition plays an important role in holding the government accountable, representing alternative viewpoints, and ensuring a system of checks and balances. Arbitrarily suspending the Opposition undermines these fundamental principles and is detrimental to the democratic and constitutional values of the country. The Jamaat has demanded from the Central Government to cancel the suspension of MPs so that the dignity of democracy is maintained.