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SoulSpark: Illuminate Ethics: A Nationwide Campus Campaign Launched at JMI

– Radiance News Service

New Delhi, 2 October 2023: The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) has embarked on a transformative journey with its nationwide campus campaign titled “SoulSpark: Illuminate Ethics.” The campaign was officially launched at Jamia Millia Islamia here with the aim of addressing pressing issues on campuses while rejuvenating moral values within the educational landscape.

During the launch event, Ramees EK, the National President of SIO, Shaikh Imran Hossein, the National Campus Secretary of SIO, and other students from JMI were present.

During the campaign’s launch, Ramees EK, emphasized the crucial role of education in uplifting the nation and campuses as platforms for fostering ethical and intellectual development for students. He stated, “Education stands as the cornerstone of any nation’s progress, and the campus is the vital crucible for fostering a nation’s ethical and intellectual development. India, often referred to as a country of graduates, relies heavily on the nurturing ground that campuses provide for our society.

“Youth, with their unparalleled passion and vision, have historically driven revolutions that reshape societies.

The SoulSpark campaign is a rallying cry to ignite the spark of ethics within every student, recognizing their power to lead, inspire, and transform while upholding high moral standards.”

Ramees mentioned that SIO is committed to imparting genuine knowledge and awareness to students, equipping them to become torchbearers of morality and ethics. The organization is dedicated to combating societal evils by reinforcing these values in their lives and promoting ethical education within the academic system.

However, the prevalence of antisocial activities such as eve-teasing, ragging, and even violence has sadly become all too common on campuses across India. Under the guise of cultural events and annual celebrations, the toxic influences of addiction and obscenity are being cultivated. A significant portion of the student community has lost its vision of becoming ethical role models, he added.

The launching event was presided over by the SIO National Campus Secretary, Mr. Shaikh Imran Hossein, who underlined SIO’s mission and its role in nurturing students and safeguarding campuses from social evils.

Hossein stated, “SIO is resolute in its mission to address these issues by increasing awareness and knowledge, promoting moral and ethical leadership, instilling values in education, and creating a safe and inclusive campus environment where obscenity and evils can be eradicated.

SIO recognizes the immense potential of youth and is committed to nurturing their moral, intellectual, and ethical growth to shape a better society. “SoulSpark: Illuminate Ethics” is not just a campaign; it’s a collective endeavor to reshape our campuses into cradles of ethics and excellence,” he added.


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