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Student Leaders Iftar Get-Together: Launch of Parichayam Platform Fosters Unity and Dialogue

Vijayawada, April 2: The Student Leaders Iftar Get-together held here Sunday brought together young leaders from various student organizations and political parties. The event aimed to foster unity, dialogue, and understanding among the diverse student community.

Participants engaged in discussions on various issues and challenges faced by students and youth in Andhra Pradesh. Topics ranged from education on campuses to ethical leadership and morality, addictions and detox, discriminations, student politics, empowerment, and formulation of a Students’ Manifesto.

The event saw diverse participation from student organizations, social activists, advocates, and party representatives, including Kareemuddin, General Secretary of JIH AP; Patan Roshan Zameer Khan, President SIO Andhra Pradesh; Shaik Abdul Hafeez, General Secretary SIO AP; Zia Ur Rahman, PR & Dawah Secretary; Aamir Fahed, Campus Secretary; Subbarao from AIYF; Shiva Reddy and Varun from AISF and AISU respectively; Junaid and Peter from Yuva Congress; Shiva Reddy from BJYM; Arif Ali from Janaseena; Kareem from AIMSF; Chand Basha, Vice President of Siddhartha Law Alumni; Ravi Chandra from PDSU; Dr. Raj Kumar from NDSF; Adv. Irfan; and Sijan from NSP.

Mr. Kareemuddin introduced “Parichayam”, aiming at changing public opinion in favor of Islam and promoting interfaith harmony. This initiative sought to create a platform for meaningful conversations, sharing beliefs, and dispelling misconceptions about Islam.

He emphasized the presence of the State delegation of the SIO AP, known for its commitment to social justice and empowerment. The student leaders actively participated in discussions, sharing their experiences.

Leaders from various student organizations across the region represented diverse backgrounds, ideologies, and perspectives, as reiterated by Patan Roshan Zameer Khan, President of SIO Andhra Pradesh.

The event provided an opportunity for these young leaders to network, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections. It served as a platform to discuss common challenges faced by students and explore potential solutions through collective efforts, as emphasized by Roshan.


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