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Tamil Nadu Minorities Association Condemns Violence Against Muslims in Northern India

Madurai, July 10: Members of the Tamil Nadu Minorities People Welfare Association staged a protest in Madurai on Tuesday, condemning the ongoing violence against the Muslim community in northern India.

During the protest, participants highlighted the alleged role of the BJP government in inciting attacks against minorities, particularly Muslims, based on their dietary habits and clothing choices. The protesters claimed that the BJP’s policies during its last two terms have targeted minorities, creating a climate of fear and discrimination.

  1. Ganesan, district president of the association, emphasized the significance of the latest Lok Sabha election results, which he interpreted as a public rejection of the BJP’s “anti-minority policies.” He noted that the BJP’s loss of popularity among voters was evident despite their claims of securing a majority.

Ganesan pointed to recent incidents of violence against Muslims in states like Chhattisgarh, Aligarh, Madhya Pradesh, Lucknow, Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi, and Gujarat, where individuals were allegedly targeted and killed over allegations of possessing beef. He accused the BJP government of escalating violence against those perceived as political opponents, including the demolition of minority-owned houses.

“The BJP government’s actions have become increasingly violent against people who seem to have not voted for them,” Ganesan stated, decrying what he described as a pattern of systematic oppression.


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