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‘THEY DON’T WANT US TO SEE THE TRUTH’: American journalist Abby Martin on why Israel is targeting journalists

Video grab from social media

New Delhi, Dec. 9: Abby Martin, American journalist, presenter, and creator of the Empire Files, appeared on BreakThrough News to discuss the war in Gaza, Middle East Eye reported in a video uploaded on Thursday. The video is now available on various social media like X and YouTube.

According to the video report, Martin said that the Israeli army is targeting journalists because they don’t want the world to see the truth. “That’s what they’re scared of. They’re scared of Americans turning this colonial genocidal project because they don’t want us to see the truth. That’s why they’re systematically taking out the journalists.”

She said that Israel is trying to end any semblance of civic society in Gaza, and that’s why they’re taking out all the best and brightest, including hospital staff, journalists and surgeons.

Martin called out the journalists who go to Israel and repeat anything the Israeli media says. “These so-called journalists that are essentially just stenographers for the Israeli media [so they] can just go out there and just repeat lies. How dare they call themselves journalists? How could you be a journalist and not with every fibre of your being speak out against this country, this government that is taking out your colleagues?”