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This Country is Ours, We have to Develop the Nation: Taufiq Aslam Khan

By Shakilur Rahman

New Delhi, 2 Nov. 2023: “This country is ours, we have equally contributed to liberate it. We have to up-build and develop the nation. Know for sure that only we can do this work. Only we have the remedies to remove the ills of this country. We have already made this country a golden bird. History is a witness that during the Muslim regime peace and prosperity prevailed in this country. It is our negligence that after attaining freedom, we became silent spectators and watched the destruction of the country,” said Taufiq Aslam Khan, Director of Department of ‘Expansion and Stability’, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

In a very encouraging and sympathetic manner, he said, “We have entered a new age of history where we need to do a lot of work.  We have to go ahead and play a practical role in the construction and development of the country. This is also necessary for our stability.” Taufiq Aslam was addressing a gathering of members, workers and sympathizers of Jamaat’s local Unit at Zakir Nagar here.

“We have to work in all fields of education and training, industry and commerce, science and technology, media and other means of communication and politics and nationalism. Obviously, to do all these tasks, we have to increase our manpower and resources substantially. This work is definitely difficult but we have to do it,” he said.

“The Creator of the universe has the principle that He does not decorate any nation in a dish of authority and supremacy. Allah has created man. He sent him to the world as his caliph. One has to struggle on this earth for it.

“Allah has given many powers to human beings. We have to use these powers in positive and constructive work. We have to struggle with the belief that we will succeed. The power of faith and positive thinking is a great power,” he encouraged the people. 

While addressing the gathering, Er. Aslam apprised the attendees with the events from the Quran. He explained that after releasing Bani Israel from the slavery of Pharaoh, Allah bestowed all the blessings upon them in a special land and then ordered them to fight with the local people to spread His Word. The children of Israel showed cowardice and were ultimately deprived of these blessings. Allah has recorded this incident in the Quran so that we can learn from it and move forward with full determination and courage.

He said that it is our most important responsibility to bring all the brothers of the country out from darkness to light. It is not worthy of a believer to remain a part of society in the general environment of oppression and suppression, murder and destruction, discrimination between man and man, exploitation, poverty, corruption and disorder and all kinds of crimes. We have to give them peace, prosperity and blessed society based on Islamic principles. For this we have to change their mind and present the correct teaching of Islam with its practical example to the countrymen.

While answering a question, Taufiq Aslam Khan shared his experience, saying that today the situation is more favorable in the country to spread the message of Islam. Hate is nowhere to be found. It is only our inner fear that has made us cowards. The truth is that the atmosphere is not bad outside but inside. Our experience in different parts of the country is that whenever Islam is presented to the brothers of the country, many people complain why these things were not told to them earlier.


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