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Triumph of the Resistance

Hamas was victorious in a war that was asymmetrical and unequal in terms of equipment and numbers.


The leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) showed strength, skill, and farsightedness in dealing with the Israeli occupation, breaking its will and making it change its orientations and yield and respond to its conditions.

The October 7 incident has proved that the Israeli occupation failed, in terms of intelligence and security, to understand the operational capabilities of Hamas and its armed factions.

There is evidence which indicates that the intelligence services of the Israeli occupation army, its security apparatus, and its regional and Western allies were unable to recognise any evidence showing Hamas’ intention to carry out a military operation around Gaza and deep inside the occupied territories.

Israel responded with brutal, concentrated air, land and sea bombardment on many civilian targets and positions of factions affiliated with the resistance.

Israel wanted to impose its conditions for negotiating the terms of the truce from the position of the victorious strongman, by perpetuating the momentum of its brutal operations on all areas of the Gaza Strip and its civilians, and extracting more concessions from the leadership of Hamas, from its point of view, to break the political will of the movement. But to no avail. The Israelis fear that Hamas will try to turn the temporary truce into a permanent ceasefire, which is what Israel does not want at all. It was expected that the Israeli army would continue the war with all cruelty and ferocity after the end of the truce.

Hamas succeeded in destroying Israeli morale, rekindling the spirit of struggle in Arab and Islamic societies, and strengthening the Palestinian movement in the global arena to establish its independent state.

Israel will never enjoy security and peace, because of the seeds of hatred, hate and anger it seeded in the region. Hamas achieved victory on October 7, in its pre-emptive strike during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

As a result of the losses suffered by the Zionist occupation, especially in its elite units, the increasing number of dead and wounded among its ranks, and the destruction and damage of more than 300 armoured vehicles and military vehicles, the morale of Israeli society declined. Voices calling for the acceptance of a humanitarian truce grew louder, especially from the families of the hostages and prisoners.

Hamas was victorious in a war that was asymmetrical and unequal in terms of equipment and numbers. This is despite the fact that the balance of the war tilted absolutely in favour of the Zionist occupation, which carried out horrific and barbaric killings of innocent civilians, including the elderly, women, children, and the wounded, as well as the massive destruction in the Gaza Strip. For all these activities, Israelis used methods in contradiction to the religions, civilization, humanity, morals, international laws and norms.

Hamas broke Israel’s arrogance and supposed tyranny in combat and negotiation operations, and the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation demonstrated the erosion of Israeli deterrence.

The illusion that Israel is an invincible force cannot be sold. It has been clearly proven that it can be conquered, broken and uprooted, provided the will and determination of the Arab nation are available.

The Israeli occupation does not understand the language of diplomacy and cannot be trusted. Rather, it only understands the language of force. What was taken by force will only be recovered by force.

[by Mohammad Ali Samadi in TRT Arabi]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque


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