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Two-Day Workshop by JIH Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Aims to Influence Public Opinion in Favor of Islam

Chennai, Dec. 24: In a dynamic two-day media workshop hosted here by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, media enthusiasts and activists gathered to hone their skills and strategize on reshaping public opinion in favor of Islam.

Distinguished speakers at the event included State President Maulavi M.A. Muhammad Haneefa Manbayee, Vice President I. Jalaludeen, and Media Secretary S. Shahul Hameed. Accompanied by experts from mainstream and alternative media, the workshop covered a spectrum of essential topics.

Mr. Eniyan, a videography and scriptwriting specialist at the New Indian Express, conducted an in-depth session on video editing techniques, emphasizing the art of cutting, pasting, and script creation.

Journalist Haseeb Muhammad (Aramsei) delivered a speech titled Power of Alternative Media, stressing the significance of alternative media and providing insights into their creation and functionality.

The program delved into practical aspects, featuring a PPT presentation training session led by Mr. Logan. Participants engaged in a hands-on session, honing their skills in designing aesthetically pleasing presentations.

Mr. Muhammad Rashid, Ajmal Rasmia, and Muhammad Ansari led a practical class on creating engaging social media content, offering guidance on video, reels, and short-form content creation. Their expertise extended to tips on posting and maximizing posts’ virality.

Day two commenced with a unique task, as participants hit the streets to identify and photograph significant natural and residential areas. All 80 participants successfully completed the assignment, and three standout photos were later recognized and awarded.

Photography-based story writing took center stage, with Mr. Muhammad Azad, Sub-Editor of Jaya News, delivering a speech. Using impactful photos displayed on a large screen, he elucidated the art of shaping public opinion through visual narratives.

Mr. Jeeva Sahapthan from Jeeva Today shared insights on creating public opinion through debate, highlighting the transformative role of media and discussions in shaping societal perspectives.

A panel discussion on public debate in favor of Islam was moderated by Mr. VS Muhammad Ameen. Panelists, including Mr. Suhail, Sulaiman, Miss Mehraj, and Jarina Yusuf, contributed thought-provoking perspectives.

The program concluded with the impactful presidential remarks of Maulavi M.A. Muhammad Haneefa Manbayee, urging participants to translate their learnings into practical results. Emphasizing that the workshop was a mission for the Hereafter, he called for positive change in self, family, and society as the pathway to influencing public opinion.


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