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UK lawmaker submits complaint to ICC for Israeli war crimes in Gaza

British Independent lawmaker Claudia Webbe demands accountability, international investigation


Dec. 17: British Independent lawmaker Claudia Webbe submitted a complaint Saturday to the International Criminal Court (ICC) that urged an investigation and trial for Israel’s war crimes committed in Gaza, reports Anadolu Agency.

Webbe announced during a parliamentary session that she lodged the complaint that includes genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.

Emphasizing that she would not be complicit in Israel’s daily acts of war crimes or against the Palestinians, Webbe highlighted the magnitude of the destruction caused by Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

Webbe said Israel’s attacks resulted in the deaths of more than 20,000 civilians, with at least 10,000 children and countless others left disabled. She noted that due to Israel allowing a fraction of the aid needed for Gaza residents and the destruction of a majority of UN trucks, deaths from hunger and disease would worsen.

Pointing out that more than 150 UN personnel were killed in Israel’s attacks, Webbe noted that the Israeli government held the UN responsible for the situation and used humanitarian aid as a weapon of war. She also noted that Israeli ministers suggested using nuclear bombs on Gaza.

“I will not be an accomplice,” Webbe mentioned receiving more than 6,000 letters and emails from constituents urgently calling for a cease-fire.

She said she consoled individuals who had lost families under the rubble and were anxiously concerned about their loved ones and friends in Gaza, asserting that she would not remain silent.

“Collective punishment is a war crime, forcible transfer of the population is a war crime, indiscriminate bombing and the use of white phosphorus on civilians – now confirmed by Amnesty International – is a war crime. I will not be an accomplice,” she said.

Webbe stated she signed the official complaint submitted to the ICC because those responsible must be held accountable and she invited her colleagues to act in a similar fashion.


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