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Urdu Medium Not a Barrier to Success: Experts’ Opinions

Mumbai, June 16: A significant educational program was organized at Kokani Hall in South Mumbai, jointly hosted by Kawish and Himalaya Foundation Mumbai. The event celebrated the achievements of students who succeeded in the NEET 2024 under the educational program Himalaya 40. The program transcended traditional speeches and advice, opting for a fresh approach.

The event was moderated by Sheikh Najmuddin, who introduced the successful students and detailed the educational activities of Himalaya Foundation. Dr. Kazim Malik highlighted that Himalaya Foundation has been conducting educational activities under Himalaya 40 for the past five years, with a primary focus on preparing for the NEET competitive exam, which is essential for admission to medical colleges in India. After five years of hard work, the foundation achieved success for the first time, with seven students qualifying for medical admissions.

During the program, the seven students who scored over 650 marks in NEET were awarded tablets by Ashfaq Sahib Khidmat Trust. In addition to introducing and encouraging the successful students, their opinions were also sought, where they openly expressed their long-held aspirations. A common theme among all was their desire to become doctors to help the underprivileged members of society. They expressed a deep awareness of their own and their community’s disadvantages, which fueled their determination.

One top-scoring female student shared her ambition to become a neurosurgeon to serve patients facing financial hardships. Another student expressed her desire to become a heart specialist to address the prevalent heart diseases affecting the poor and middle classes, who often cannot afford treatment. Similar aspirations were echoed by male students, who also wished to pursue medical education to serve their families and humanity.

It is noteworthy that the president of Himalaya Foundation Mumbai, Noorul Hassan, who is also the head of Al-Etihad School, shared his personal experience of financial struggles hindering his education. This inspired him to initiate the program. He expressed gratitude that the organization is now bearing fruit.

Sheikh Najmuddin, the program moderator, emphasized that the common belief that Urdu medium students cannot succeed in life is a misconception. Among the successful NEET students, only two were from English medium backgrounds, while the rest were from Urdu or semi-English mediums. This demonstrates that completing education in the Urdu medium can lead to greater success, debunking the myth that English medium is the sole path to success.


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