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Urgent Action Demanded against Derogatory Remarks on Sufi Saint in Ajmer

– Raheem Khan

Ajmer, Rajasthan, Feb. 25: The Muslim Progressive Federation has called for immediate and strict action against those responsible for making offensive remarks against revered Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti.

In a letter to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Abdul Salam Johar, convenor of the Federation, expressed deep concern and anger over a viral video featuring one Simran Gupta, claiming to be the National President of Hindu Shakti Dal. The video reportedly contains highly objectionable and derogatory comments about Khwaja Saheb.

Johar emphasized that such remarks have deeply hurt the sentiments of millions of devotees across the country and abroad, and have the potential to disrupt peace and harmony in the state. He highlighted the importance of swift action to identify and apprehend the perpetrators, given their clear presence in the video.

He condemned the act as an attempt to tarnish the revered image of the Ajmer Dargah, known for its teachings of peace, love, and tolerance. Johar urged the Chief Minister to take immediate and decisive action against the culprits, including expediting the investigation and bringing them to justice.

Considering the potential threat to communal harmony, Johar demanded strict action under the National Security Act (NSA) against the accused – individuals or organization. He stressed the need to send a strong message that acts of religious intolerance will not be tolerated in the state.

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan Sheikh Abbasi (Bishti) Minority Welfare Association Ajmer has filed a case against Gupta for his statement about Khwaja Garib Nawaz, demanding prompt action for hurting religious sentiments.

Anjuman Syed Zadgan secretary Sarwar Chishti submitted a demand letter to the collector, objecting to Gupta’s statement and demanding prompt and strict action against him. S.M. Akbar, president of Talimat Ruhani Committee of Anderkot, and Jaipur Muslim Progressive Federation have also demanded strict action against Gupta.

Khwaja Garib Nawaz is a Sufi saint who is revered by both Hindus and Muslims.

Gupta’s statement about Khwaja Garib Nawaz has been seen as an attempt to incite religious hatred.



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