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Voice for Justice and Peace

– Dr. K.V.S. Habib Muhammed

O Palestinian fighters, we stand in awe of your bravery and determination. Confronting the fourth most powerful army in the world with a very small force and meager weapons is exciting indeed. At the same time, we apologize to you. Despite our 800 crores world population, we are unable to help you. Being in despair, we can do no more than raise our voices and pray.

O leaders of the world, have you not heard the sufferings, sorrows, worries, and cries of the Palestinian people? Why are you silent? It is a matter of great concern that you remain silent, fearing the superpowers, keeping in view your commercial interests and gains. When the resolution comes in the UN General Assembly, some of you remain silent, many support and some oppose or abstain. This is consoling and we are happy, but your voices are not raised beyond that. Committing evils and not condemning them when taking place are one and the same thing. Why don’t you boycott this country of Israel… why don’t you boycott it… why don’t you impose economic sanctions on it… why don’t you withdraw your ambassadors from it? Some countries are prepared to do so, thanks to them. But the reality is that most countries do not. As the international community raises its voice, there is a chance of change.

O mighty powers (super powers)! How long are you going to support Israel’s atrocities? Israel says, and so do you, that it has the right to defend itself … Right to self-defense?… Doesn’t Palestine have the same right…? Don’t Palestinians have the right to defend themselves too? Do they not have the right to get back their lost homeland? If a few hundred people are killed in your country, you retaliate to any extent. Your blood boils… But when lakhs of people are butchered in other nations, you are blindfolded and keep silent. We want to ask: Are your lives all that only matters? Aren’t the lives of other people sacred? Oh, the mighty powers when will you turn towards what’s right? When will you use your diplomacy, military power, and soft power to make the world a better and more peaceful place to live in? If you wished, you could have established Justice. Couldn’t you?  You could end tyrannical regimes like Israel…but how could you support their injustices despite their atrocities and tyranny? The irony is that you veto it whenever a motion is brought against Israel’s injustices. Is this the right way?

O United Nations, you were found for establishing peace in the international arena. There should not have been wars and bloodshed after World War II, that was the prime objective of the formation of the UN but you are unable to prevent or stop wars. As Five countries sit and decide, the UN is unable to pass the resolution brought by the General Assembly members. So why do we call it the World General Assembly, when we see the UN has become a puppet of the superpowers? This cannot be continued anymore, either the UN should be democratized that all the member nations are given the right to vote and decisions are taken accordingly or the UN to be declared as non-political social service NGO as there is no other solution otherwise.

O Leaders of Muslim countries!! You lead over 55 Muslim countries. Most of the 200 million Muslims are under your rule. Even though there are millions of them, you could not even take a slightest step against Israel. Even the Latin American nations are breaking their diplomatic ties but you are unable to even cut the diplomatic relationship with Israel and you are sitting in a position where you can’t even do that. Why? Your countrymen are not even allowed to protest against Israel. People of all the countries of the world are protesting in the streets, such a demonstration could not be seen in the Muslim countries, especially in the Arab-Gulf countries. The reason is because of the restrictions and tyranny that you are imposing. To what extent has the saying of the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, become true? Both wealth and poverty are dangerous to human, but how much it was said that it is wealth rather than poverty that plays an important role in spoiling humanity. When are you going to change the state of silence for pleasures? When will you come out from the luxury?

People living in Muslim countries! You are supporting the people of Palestine. But the rulers of your country are pretending to support Palestine. If the monarchy ends, the Middle East region will be at peace and the world will be at peace. Therefore, successful efforts to be taken to bring democracy. Some of you might say: our hands are tied, there is no freedom of expression, and so on…so how can we strive against tyranny and dictatorship?  You should not forget that all the changes in the world, all the revolutions against the colonial rule, all the revolutions against the monarch’s rule, are the result of the sacrifice of lives and possessions. So you have to fight bravely and determined.

O! State of Israel! You may have military power, authority, advanced weapons but you can never win. You certainly can’t win in the face of the people who sacrifice their lives and fight for the motherland. They will win someday if not today. You can’t live in peace. Where has the British Empire gone which was called the empire on which the sun never sets? America, the world superpower, had to kneel before the ordinary people of Vietnam. So don’t dream that you can win over these people with this force. Who made you to wander for 2000 years without statehood? Is it the Muslims or Others? Who comforted you when you were oppressed all over the world? Muslims protected you. Isn’t it? Are you betraying them? Are you betraying those Arabs? They didn’t expel you at all? You weren’t expelled during their reign? So why do you do this cruelty to them? Does the Torah scripture that you like to accept, enjoin such atrocities? Your claim for a promised land according to your scriptures is the credibility you have. If everyone on this earth brings such claims, would the world be peaceful? If all claiming back their land where their forefathers lived 100s of generations before, would that be a legitimate claim? If so, there will be no peace in the world. It should be understood that international laws should decide these things and not the scriptures. Even there are many peace-loving good Jews in your camp who don’t accept your stance. Only These Zionist Jews are supporting the oppression of the sons of soil. So don’t dream that you can win by force. The striving based on justice, truth and virtue will only succeed and through that there will be peace in the world, peace for you and peace for the Palestinians and there will be peace in the Middle East. So come towards peace. On behalf of the peace-loving humanity I request you to adhere to the resolutions passed by the UN; In particular, resolution 242, and come to a peace agreement through which peace shall be established.


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