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Why Does Israel Want Normalisation?

Normalisation with Israel can be described as a process of “acceptance of the occupation,” where different types of relations are established with the occupying state. It may pave the way for a shift in the path of the relationship and lead to absolute subordination.

The normalisation of relations between Israel and the Arab countries is more than what the media shows and what appears in terms of a handshake here and a kiss there. We must look at the motives of the Israeli occupation state’s eagerness for normalisation to understand what it can lead to and its implications.

Israel feels the fragility of its situation and that it is a foreign body in the region. This is why it always uses all means and methods to ensure its permanent existence. This is what normalisation can provide. By weaving economic and political relations, it tries to make the Arabs and Palestinians exclusively dependent on it and become unable to abandon it.

The centrality of the Palestinian issue in the Arab conscience must be reaffirmed. It is an issue of faith which affects all those who are with truth. The attempt of the normalisers who want to weaken the cause and make it restricted to the Palestinians only should be thwarted.

We stress the need to view normalisation as an integrated process aimed at penetrating our (Arab) nation and controlling it to perpetuate the existence of the occupation. Resisting normalisation will ultimately weaken the occupation and improve our fight against it.
[by Yaseen Izeddeen in Arabic Post]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque


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