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Zionists’ illusion of victory

The thing which happened to the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to happen to them in Palestine, through their Zionist agents. It is a conclusion based on the findings of a study published two years ago by retired US Army Colonel Christopher Kolenda in his book ‘Zero-Sum Victory: What We’re Getting Wrong About War.’ In his book, the colonel discussed a number of lessons from the American wars in the world. These lessons apply even today to a large extent to the Zionists, given the organic relationship between them and the Americans.

In his book, he came up with three conclusions: First: Decisive military victory is the only measure of success in the war for the Americans. This is what Netanyahu repeats daily and wants to build his military strategy on its basis. Second: The United States is very slow in identifying winning and losing strategies, as well as amending or abandoning them. This is also what has happened in regards with the Zionist war leadership since the signs of failure have started surfacing. Third: When the United States decides to withdraw from the battle, it experiences turmoil in bargaining and separation, which leads to failed negotiations and transitional processes. This also applies to the recent negotiation attempts of the Zionists with the Palestinians, whether in Doha or Cairo.

Kolenda was a field commander of paratroopers’ team in Afghanistan and a security advisor at many centres. He is often cited in American military strategy. His conclusions can also be applied in regards with what is in the minds of the Zionist military leadership in Gaza.

If we consider what he has pointed out about the American defeat, we conclude that the Zionist failure is coming. We almost see the same thing apply to the Palestinian resistance in Gaza: the government is loyal to the minimum, the resistance wins every day in the field, and sympathy increases. Foreign affairs with it, in exchange for the Zionists having only one alternative, which is to increase military firepower in an unprecedented manner in an attempt to achieve the illusion of military decisiveness…

The battle management methodology of the Americans is based on the opinions of the commanders of their defence department (special forces, embassies, army commanders, intelligence…etc.), which pass through the White House bureaucracy to reach to the US National Security Council and the President. All of them evaluate the situation separately. Kolenda reveals that there is a persistent flaw in evaluation because everyone is focussed on the pressures of victory in their separate tasks. They do not pay attention to the final outcome, which is often disastrous. If we project this onto Gaza, you will find that they do not calculate the outcome here also.

Perhaps we can benefit from this analysis in predicting what will happen to the Zionists in future in the Gaza Strip. In all cases, their fate will not be better than the fate of their American masters in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, they have only demonstrated their brutality, their pathology, their love of killing, and their attempt to rule the world with fear and terrorism in the name of fighting terrorism. [by Mohamed Salim Kelala in Echorouk, Algeria]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque


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