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30 years of Oslo

If the stone intifada which broke out in December 1987 was a turning point in the Palestinian issue, the Oslo Accord, signed on September 13, 1993 after a series of Palestinian-Israeli meetings in the Norwegian capital, was one of the most perilous stages of the cause.

Thirty years have passed since the signing of the (Oslo) agreement. But what it achieved for the Palestinians is barely significant in comparison to the benefits which were offered to them, and the results which it produced at various levels.

With the political failure faced by the Palestinian Authority, the resistance actions in the last two years witnessed a tangible escalation. All segments of the Palestinian people, including elements of the Fatah movement and the security services, participated in it. It all happened with the rise of a new generation in Palestine which did not experience Oslo or the security agreements which emerged from it.

Accompanied by this new uprising, the foundations of the occupation entity (Israel) were weakened by the disputes within it, and its failure to put an end to the escalation of resistance.

This all happened with the waning of the American role in the region, and with expectations that the world will move from being unipolar to a multipolar situation. This may weaken Israel’s position internationally and provide a new space of hope for Palestine to be freed from the restrictions of “Oslo” in the interest of a new stage of struggle which will have new rules for conflict with the occupier.

[by Majid Abu Diak in TRT Arabi]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque


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