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Palestine in UN General Assembly

There is no doubt that the push of the Palestinian cause in the United Nations (UN) has declined significantly. The time has passed when Arab, Islamic and friendly delegations would withdraw from the UN General Assembly when the representative of the Zionist entity began delivering his statement. This time, the hall was already empty, when the entity’s representative began giving false testimonies, talking lies and slander, not in protest, but because of the lack of time on the fourth day for the general discussion after the participants have already heard more than 120 speeches.

The Palestinian delegation did well to withdraw when Zionist entity began spreading its lies from the very beginning of the speech. At the same time, thousands of American Jews and their supporters were holding a huge demonstration on 47th Street and First Avenue. Their voices reached everyone in the building except for Netanyahu’s ears. The Israeli mission to the United Nations brought about 60 or 70 guests, who lined up at the enclosure designated for invited guests, to applause whenever he said a sentence from his fictitious speech.

But the popular, peaceful resistance about which Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas repeatedly talked, in his speech at UN General Assembly, that it will overthrow the occupation, we do not understand what he meant by it. But why is the president afraid to say that the Palestinian people have the right to resist using the available means stipulated in Resolution 3236 of 1974, as stated in Clause No. 5? Eighty-nine countries voted for the resolution, 8 countries voted against it, and 27 abstained from voting.

[Abdelhamid Siyam in Al-Quds Al-Arabi]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque


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