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AAP YAAD AATEY HAIN: Dr. S. Farooq Pays Tribute to His Father

New Delhi, 4 October 2023: A talk by Dr. S. Farooq on a Book, “Aap Yaad Aatey Hain,” a biography of his father late Syed Rashid Ahmed was organized by Sir Syed Foundation at Tasmia Auditorium here Tuesday.

Dr. S. Farooq, President of The Himalaya Wellness Company and writer of the book, while speaking in detail about the book, said, “It was written only for the family but later on it became very popular.”

While narrating some small incidents which have great lessons for the present generations about family life, respect and care for elders and youngsters, he became emotional many times and even tears rolled down his eyes. He was very thankful for the kind of upbringing he had and owed everything to his father who was always ready to serve the people in need.”

Syed Rashid Ahmed was a freedom fighter but never thought of encashing his contributions made during the Indian freedom struggle for personal gain. And when India gained freedom, he gradually distanced himself from active politics and never harped on his role during the freedom movement.

This book was published on 28 December 2001 and was released by Surjit Sing Barnala, then Governor of Uttarakhand on 9th January. Earlier, the book was written in Urdu and later on it was published in Hindi.

In his tribute published in the book, Barnala writes, “The Biography of Syed Rashid Ahmed written by his son Dr. S. Farooq brings out the best in the life and times of his illustrious father. While going through books and records to know more about Dehradun, I came across mention of this distinguished personality of this town who earned name and fame and contributed to the welfare of Dehradun, its surroundings and the people. He was a famous freedom fighter and active social worker. Syed Rashid Ahmed not only brought up a charming and industrious family which included his eminent son Dr. S. Farooq, the author of his Biography, he took keen interest to popularize the Indian system of medicine by encouraging the use of rare herbs and medicinal plants grown in abundance in Uttaranchal.”

Padma Shri Akhtarul Wassey, Professor Emeritus, JMI, while sharing his perspective, said this book reflects the family system of that period and can be a model for the present generation as well.

Syed Mansoor Agha, senior journalist and author; Khwaja Shahid, president Sir Syed Foundation and AIEM; Abdul Rashid, general secretary of AIEM, and senior journalist Masoom Moradbadi also shared their views.

Adv. Khwaja Shams, Adv. Aslam Ahmed, Adv. Raees Ahmed, Noor Nawaz Khan, Idris Qureshi, Qazi Mohammad Mian, Farooq Siddiqui, Aijaz Ghauri, etc. participated in the program.


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