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Adarsh Murthy Muhammad ﷺ a significant contribution to Telugu literature

Title: Adarsh ​​Murthy Muhammad (pbuh) (The Model to Emulate)
Author: S.M. Malik
Pages: 532
Price: ₹400
Available from: Telugu Islamic Publications Trust, Hyderabad, Telangana

Reviewed by Abdul Wahed

SM Malik

In the Telugu literature, S.M. Malik’s book, Adarsh ​​Murthy Muhammad  (The Model to Emulate), stands as a remarkable tribute to Allah’s Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This 532-page masterpiece delves into the life of the Prophet, not merely as a historical account but as a profound source of moral guidance for humanity.

While numerous books on the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ have been published in various languages, Malik’s work is a unique endeavor in the Telugu literature. It beautifully encapsulates various facets of the Prophet’s life, including his teachings, his struggles, his enduring impact on society, and his message to humanity.

Malik’s primary focus lies in the comprehensive analysis of various incidents and occurrences from the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This scrutiny effectively illuminates the fundamental essence of his message to readers who may not adhere to the Muslim faith. In essence, this book serves as a means to introduce the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to the non-Muslim audience, dispelling prevalent misconceptions and fostering a more profound comprehension of the religion. The Prophet’s core message transcends religious boundaries, extending to all of humanity. Notably, this book not only acquaints non-Muslim readers with the Prophet ﷺ but also provides Muslim readers with a deeper exploration of the fundamental principles of the Islamic way of life.

Malik embarked on this journey out of a heartfelt desire to present the Prophet’s life in a distinctive Telugu narrative. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive yet concise account that highlights the core message of the Prophet’s life, he decided to take up this task.

As a seasoned writer and editor, Malik possesses an extraordinary command of the Telugu language. He skilfully weaves together prose and poetry, delivering a captivating and deeply moving portrayal of the Prophet’s life. His ability to convey intricate ideas with simplicity and elegance is truly commendable. His deep understanding of the Telugu culture, language and traditions enriches the narrative.

Malik’s diligent research and study of renowned works on the Prophet’s life, such as Seerat Ibne Hisham and Maulana Maududi’s Seerat Sarwar Alam, enabled him to present this narrative in his unique style. The book was serialized in 82 episodes as ‘Sachcharita Patralu’ (The Documents of History of Truth) in Geeturai Weekly, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Throughout the book, Malik employs Telugu expressions that succinctly capture the essence of Prophet Muhammad’s character. He presents the Prophet ﷺ as a multifaceted figure – a compassionate and kind-hearted leader, a visionary statesman, an extraordinary preacher, a revolutionary, the pioneer of global humanitarian law, and a universal benefactor. Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and principles serve as guiding beacons for humanity in various aspects of life.

In a world that increasingly demands moral and ethical guidance, Adarsh Murthy Muhammad (The Model to Emulate) by S.M. Malik is a significant contribution to the Telugu literature and a valuable resource for those seeking inspiration from the life and teachings of the great Prophet. This book is a testament to Malik’s dedication and passion for presenting this timeless message in the Telugu language.


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