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Major pro-Palestine protest in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

By Firasha Shaikh

Nov. 9, 2023
Thousands of people gathered recently at Aam Khas Ground, Aurangabad to express their solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemnation of Israel’s war crimes.

In the wake of the 7th October attack by Hamas, Israel retaliated brutally in violation of all aspects of international law, by attacking the already besieged Gaza Strip. Indiscriminate drone strikes and carpet bombing by Israel has now led to the death toll being more than 10,000 Gazan men, women and children.

The Aurangabad protest was organized by Students Islamic Organization, (SIO) the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind.

Protestors used several creative methods to demonstrate their condemnation, making for powerful visuals.

Children and youth dressed themselves up in fake wounds and injuries and made effigies of small corpses to signify the alarming number of child and youth victims in Gaza.

Protestors waved banners and flyers declaring Israel’s actions as genocide and imploring international community to intervene for the sake of humanity and justice.

The gathering featured a collective dua for God Almighty’s protection and safety for the people of Palestine.

Across India, pro-Palestine protests and solidarity demonstrations have been ongoing since the past month. In some areas, protesters have been detained by police authorities.

The Indian government’s official position endorses “the establishment of a ‘sovereign, independent and viable’ state of Palestine”.

[The writer holds a postgraduate degree in Political Science and works at Centre for Study and Research (CSR), New Delhi]


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