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Uttarakhand Hindutva leader asks people to pledge for a Hindu Rashtra

Nov. 9, 2023
Hindutva leader Sadhu Swami Darshan Bharti, who is also the founder of “Devbhoomi Raksha Abhiyan” in Uttarakhand, while delivering an anti-Muslim hate speech in Dehradun called for the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra.

Darshan Bharti asked the audience whose land that was, and said that this land is of religious importance for Sanatan Dharma. “This land is suffering in the hands of ‘Jihadis’ and they have done religious encroachment on our land,” he said.

“I would like to thank the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, who has attacked the land Jihad with the Bulldozer. Devbhoomi is an important religious place of Sanatan Dharma and any kind of attack on Devbhoomi will be an attack on India. It means if Devbhoomi becomes weak, India will become weak. If there is no Hindutva campaign from Devbhoomi, India will not become a Hindu Rashtra. I pledge before Dhirendra Krishna Shastri that Uttarakhand will become a Hindu Rashtra. This Himalaya will become a Hindu Rashtra. We will make India a Hindu Rashtra,” added Bharti.

He also asked the people present there to pledge for a Hindu Rashtra.


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