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Ahad Ahmad’s Journey from Repairing Cycle to Civil Judge in UP

– Radiance News Service

Until few years ago, Ahad Ahmad of Prayagraj used to repair bicycles with his father Shahzad Ahmed but today life has dramatically changed for him and now he has become a judge in Uttar Pradesh.

Ahad, who is from village Barai Harakh near Prayagraj, has cleared the judicial magistrate exam in Uttar Pradesh. He will now be appointed as a Civil Judge (Junior Division). His achievement becomes even more laudable and impressive from the fact that he qualified in his first attempt and that too without having any coaching facilities. His success was purely on his own commitment and hard work.

The inspiration to educate Ahad and make him a successful person came to his mother Afsana after watching Rajesh Khanna’s film Ghar Parivaar, released in 1991. In this film the actress used to stitch people’s clothes. She used the money she earned to pay her children’s school fees. This film had a deep impact on this family of Prayagraj. The husband was not able to earn enough from bicycle repairing to meet the family expenses and educate the children. Only after watching this film, she decided that her husband’s puncture shop would support the family and she would teach the children by sewing ladies’ clothes.

Ahad used to live in a small dilapidated house in the village. Next to the house, his father Shahzad Ahmed has a small shop for repairing bicycle punctures. In this shop, he also sells toffee and chips for children. Father’s puncture shop is still there even after his son has become a judge. In order to concentrate on his education and to prepare for his competitive examinations, Ahad was not attending his father’s shop on regular basis for the last one year.

Ahad completed his studies from upper primary school till eighth standard in the same village. Thereafter he went to Prayagraj city for further studies, where he passed the 12th examination from Government Inter College in 2012. After that he did BA and LLB from Allahabad Central University.

Then he started practicing at Allahabad High Court. Influenced by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud whom he considers his ideal, he started preparing for PCS J during the Corona period.

Today, despite becoming a judge, Ahad still finds the time to help his father in the puncture shop occasionally. His next goal is to ensure that his father, too, can finally have the rest he rightfully deserves.


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