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The Art of losing Trust, JD(S) style

One has to learn the art of losing trust from JD(S) leadership in Karnataka.

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

One has to learn the art of losing trust from JD(S) leadership in Karnataka. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mr. Kumar Swamy, the actual leader of the party for all purposes, is full of grouses against Muslims. He has reminded the community the ‘favours’ he and his father made to Muslims and ‘in turn they have not supported us,’ he has charged.

If voting pattern of different communities is taken into consideration, he can see the amount of support his party got from Brahmins, Lingayats, Christians, OBCs and other minorities. Even for that sake, his own community Vokkaligas has deserted them. Sparing others, he is holding Muslims by teeth, and howling openly against them.

Disaster comes from careless talk
Any wise politician would have tried to win the confidence of the people or communities who are supposed to have shifted to other parties. He would take stock of his approach and attitude and make necessary correction to win back the confidence. Instead Kumar Swamy’s wisdom is infuriating him to antagonize a community which actually has not deserted JD(S) if the poll data is taken into consideration. Of the 19 seats which JD(S) won in the last assembly elections, more than half of these are from constituencies where Muslim vote is decisive – including Kumar Swamy’s constituency, Channapatna and his elder brother HD Revanna’s constituency Hole Narsipur.

The party’s poll performance has been on decline since a decade. Its vote share in 2023 is 13.3% whereas in 2018 it had procured 18.3% and 37 seats and in 2013 it was 19.91% and 40 seats – a gradual decline seems to be conveniently ignored.

BJP style of winning trust
One has to admire the smartness of BJP. Though it has been struggling for 110 days to find a trustworthy person to lead it in the state assembly, it has won the confidence of JD(S) leadership. Shedding shyness even after bitten twice by JD(S), is it the BJP’s strategy to kill two birds with one stone?

It is an issue of artificial intelligence to remind BJP of the ambitions expressed by HD Kumaraswamy on 23rd May 2018 that he will use his oathtaking ceremony as a platform to bring together all regional leaders, opposed to the BJP.

“I have also invited the regional leaders Mamata Banerjee, Chandrababu Naidu, K Chandrashekar Rao and Mayawati for the oathtaking ceremony.”

But it is a matter of natural intelligence to overlook it! Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald (a Chinese proverb).


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