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AIITA to launch nationwide Educational Campaign on Sep 24

– Radiance News Service

All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) has announced to organise a nationwide educational campaign on Enlightening Teachers, Nurturing Talents, Transforming Society at its headquarters in New Delhi on 23 September.

While addressing the media, Sheikh Abdul Rahim (National President of AIITA) said, “AIITA is a nationwide registered organization of teachers established in 1992. In line with its policies and programs, it is actively conducting various educational initiatives in almost 19 states of the country. This educational campaign is part of this series. AIITA is dedicated in promoting the intellectual, technical, and professional development of teachers and advocating for their legitimate rights. AIITA’s leadership, consisting of thousands of teachers, continually adapts to changing educational demands, providing their educational services and contributing to positive changes in society. AIITA not only talks about the rights of teachers but also emphasizes their professional responsibilities.”

Regarding the Nationwide Educational Campaign, Mukhtar Ahmed Kotwal (Vice President and Campaign Convener) said, “The progress of teachers and students is intertwined with the progress of society. AIITA members, at the national, state, district, and local levels, organize various educational activities such as seminars, conferences, competitions, festivals, and other educational events to enhance the intellectual, technical, and professional development of teachers and students, as well as to provide them with practical opportunities.

“Under the same title, this national educational campaign aims to shed light on the changing educational demands and prepare teachers who are not only well-versed in the curriculum but also adept at adopting new teaching methods, enabling students to excel academically and possess high moral values.”

Mir Mumtaz Ali (General Secretary of AIITA) highlighted the campaign’s objectives, saying, “Society needs to recognize and appreciate the value and status of teachers, awakening the awareness within society about the responsibilities associated with education. Institutions should create an environment where technical savvy, morally upright students can be nurtured. With these objectives in mind, various educational activities will be conducted at the national, state, district, and local levels from September 24, 2023, to October 15, 2023, on a nationwide scale.”

Murshid Ali (Vice President), Khalid Iqbal (Central Secretary), Faheem Ahmed Momin (National Media Convener), Khaliq-ul-Zaman, Shakeel Ahmed, Irshad Ahmad, Abdul Qadir, and other members were also present on the occasion.


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