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Attack on freedom of press is attack on freedom of every citizen

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– Raheem Khan

Jaipur, Dec. 10: On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) Rajasthan Chapter organized a symposium on “Freedom of Expression: Role of Media, Police and Judiciary” at Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce here Sunday.

The Chief Guest in this symposium was Justice R.S. Chauhan (former Chief Justice of Uttarakhand and Telangana High Court). Special Guests were B.L. Soni (former DGP Anti-Corruption Bureau, Rajasthan) and Prashant Tandon (Senior Journalist and Commentator, Delhi). The program was presided over by Advocate Syed Saadat Ali (State President APCR Rajasthan).

Justice R.S. Chauhan said human rights are not limited to India only but is a world issue. Humanity is supreme. All the rights that a human being gets as soon as he is born are human rights. To protect them, International Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on 10 December all over the world. He said that our justice system believes that even if 100 criminals go free, not a single innocent person should be punished.

He said the aim of our justice system is to provide justice for everyone because where there is injustice, peace cannot be established, and where there is no peace, the nation can never progress.

Retired DGP BL Soni said the public should fight for their rights and convey their views to higher police officials. He said that when an incident happens, we immediately lose our temper and do not follow the system. If an employee doesn’t work, we should follow the system and convey our concerns to higher officials.

Senior journalist Prashant Tandon said the media is not doing the work it was supposed to and the media is losing its freedom of speech. He said that the Constitution is not a paper book, it is a document. Freedom of the Press should be talked about separately in the Constitution. An attack on the freedom of the press is an attack on the freedom of every citizen.

He said that a comprehensive law should be made for the media. Journalists should be given security by making a law. Whistleblower law should be made. Regulation regarding content is also the responsibility of citizens.

He said hate speech is also against human rights. APCR should also pay attention to hate speech in the media. The shop of hatred that is being opened in the media should be closed.

Advocate Syed Saadat Ali said that our Constitution gives us freedom of speech, the country will run according to the Constitution. Three pillars of democracy were created in the Constitution, the fourth pillar media has been brought in to keep an eye on everything. He said it is the misfortune of the country that the MPs and MLAs who make laws for us hardly have any qualifications.

He said India is a secular country, if talking about a Muslim nation and a Sikh nation is treason then why is it not treason to talk about a Hindu nation? Why is suo moto action not being taken by the court on such incidents?

He said that we can express our views exercising freedom of expression but cannot impose our views on anyone.

Advocate Saiful Islam of APCR National Team explained about the work of APCR. Former Justice R.S. Chauhan also released the 2024 calendar of APCR. The convener of the symposium was Muzammil Rizvi. The welcome address was given by Advocate Mohammad Iqbal. Advocate Munazir Islam proposed vote of thanks. APCR units from different districts of Rajasthan participated in the symposium.


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