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Enlighten Young Generation with Teachings of Islam

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– Raheem Khan

Mangrol (Baran, Rajasthan), Dec. 11. Maktab Khairunnisa, run by Khairunnisa Education and Welfare Society held its annual festival at the Karbala Maidan here Thursday. Kota City Qazi Zubair Ahmed presided over the program. The chief guest was Mufti Mohammad Asad who had come from Dehradun.

The program started with recitation of the Quran. After this, under the leadership of Sadar Waqar Ahmed of the Society, Mufti Mohammad Shahid, Wasim, Master Raees, Master Tahir Hussain, Insaf Ali, Haji Tahir Hussain, Councilor Javed, Wasim Bhatti, Master Wasim Akram, Master Rafiq, Naeem Bhai Ideal Tailer, Khurshid Ali, Salauddin Sahil, Saeed Ahmed, Mohammad Aslam Sadar Weaver Colony, Mohammad Izhar, Mohammad Ashkar Rinku welcomed the guests.

Founder and patron of Maktab and Society, Haji Md. Ashfaq (Member Rajasthan State Haj Committee) in his welcome speech highlighted the work of the Society and the importance of education.

He said that the first message of Allah that came to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Ghar-i-Hira was “Recite in the name of your Lord who created the entire universe”.

He further said that whether our children become doctors, engineers, scientists or join any other field, it’s important to acquire religious education and knowledge of basic beliefs. It is the responsibility of all of us to make the best arrangements for the education of children in the town so that the world and hereafter of us and our future generations can be improved.

Chief Guest Mufti Mohammad Asad said education should not be divided between worldly and religious education. It’s the duty of a Muslim to acquire education. Without education, we cannot be successful in this world and the hereafter. Mufti Asad also threw light on the responsibility and working methods of the society, parents, management, and teachers in relation to religious education.

He said that the Society is carrying out excellent work like Girls’ Education and Namaz Competition for Boys and Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala is supporting them.

In his presidential address, Qazi Zubair Ahmed said that “Allah Subhanahu Taala has made it obligatory for every man and woman to learn the knowledge of Islam (Deen). Without learning this knowledge, both our world and the hereafter cannot be successful.” Therefore, teach your children to learn Deen. Enlighten them with the teachings of Islam. Praising the Maktab run by the Society for girls, he said that the religious education of girls is very important because they support two families.

Speaking on this occasion, Aalima Arshi Ansari, while explaining the importance of education in Islam, said that by getting education, tremendous changes can be seen in the family and community, provided there is a need to deeply understand the importance of education.

On this occasion, prizes were given to the children who participated in the 30-day Namaz Competition and training program run by Shoba-e-Ibadat of the Society and achieved exemplary success. Thirteen children were given bicycles for securing first position. Eleven children were given computer tables for securing second position. Ten children were felicitated by giving them school bags and bottles for securing third position.

Children of Maktab Khairunnisa also participated in the program and kept the listeners engaged till 1 O’clock in the night by presenting Qirat, Hamd, Naat, Taqreer and Makalme.

Haji Mohammad Salim, former chairman Jamil Ahmed, Eidgah Committee Sadar Mohammad Ashfaq, Imam Jama Masjid Abdul Haq, City Qazi Mubashar Ali, Imam Mohammad Rafiq, Hafiz Abdul Qadeer, Hafiz Rafiq, Hafiz Salauddin, Hafiz Mohammad Sakir, Hafiz Saidur Rahman, Mohammad Aslam and Imams of all the mosques were present as special guests in the program.

The program was anchored by Master Rafiq Ahmed. At last, Society’s Naib Sadar Mufti Mohammad Shahid extended vote of thanks.


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