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Muslim foreign ministers urge immediate halt to Israeli aggression in Gaza during visit to Canada

Ottawa/New Delhi, Dec. 11: A delegation comprising Turkish and Arab foreign ministers visited the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday and emphasized the necessity of an immediate ceasefire to restore security and stability to the Gaza Strip. It also expressed dissatisfaction over the blocking of a UN Security Council call for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, as Canada, along with other western powers, is fully supporting the Zionist entity.

The delegation stressed that talks about Gaza’s future and the Palestinian issue “must come after an immediate ceasefire and a calming of the unjustified military escalation,” and it urged the international community to swiftly assume its responsibility to protect civilians. The delegation expressed concern about the expanding scope of blatant attacks carried out by Israeli forces against civilians and the repeated violations of international law.

According to the OIC statement, the delegation discussed the accelerating events and dangerous developments in the Gaza Strip and their repercussions, the military aggression against unarmed civilians, and the importance of an immediate ceasefire to ensure the return of security and stability to the Gaza Strip.

In the wake of Israel’s aggression, the Joint Arab-Islamic Extraordinary Summit has formed the Ministerial Committee to use diplomatic channels to end the Israeli aggression in Gaza. So far, the Ministerial Committee members’ delegation has visited Beijing, Paris, Moscow, New Delhi, and other capitals.

Meanwhile, Gaza Health officials said the death toll had surpassed 17,700, with 70 percent of the dead being women and children, while more than 46,000 had been wounded in the besieged enclave since Israel launched its aggression on October 7, and the majority of Gaza’s population of more than 2 million has been forced to flee their homes.


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