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JIH Delhi Launches Quraninhindi.com

New Delhi, Dec. 11: Salimullah Khan, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Delhi launched quraninhindi.com and readbooksonislam.com at JIH headquarters here Saturday.

Both websites have been designed and presented in such a manner that they can be helpful to beginners, researchers and academicians. They also help counter false narratives against Islam and Muslims and dispel myths and propaganda. All information regarding the contents of the Quran is available to the readers at one single click.

The Quran is the last divine book providing guidance for mankind. There are people of different languages and religions in the world; so, it is an important duty of Muslims to convey the Quran to them. The brothers and sisters in India do not know the Arabic language; therefore, the translation of the Quran must be presented in their mother tongue. Keeping this in view, JIH Delhi formed a team comprising Dr Waquar Anwar, Waris Husain, Absar Ahmed and Izhar Alam to make the translation of the Quran in Hindi accessible to the people which can easily be understood and explained.

As a result of the team’s hard work for almost a year, the translation of the Holy Quran was made accessible through the website. Those responsible for developing this website said that one of the main reasons for doing this work was that when they tried to find the translation of the Quran in Hindi, they generally found the translation of Qadianis on the internet. It was presented before JIH Delhi and they immediately prepared a team and started this noble work. Very recently the website was further enriched with the inclusion of Arabic text of the Quran along with existing Hindi translation.  In coming days, in the light of suggestions made during the program, it was decided to add foot notes and audio sound to the text.

Another website, readbooksonline was also launched. It has been uploaded with books related to Islam and issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims. On both websites, options to read the text in Hindi, Urdu and English are available.


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