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Saudi Scholar on Salat during Travel

Dec. 11: When you are travelling, after making a journey of three or four miles from your city, it is lawful for you to combine (jama’a bain as-salatain) two times of Salat and shorten (qasar) your Salat, because there is no mention of time or distance in the Quran and Ahadith about concession of Salat during travel, said Sheikh Dr. Khaled AlMuslih, a prominent Islamic scholar who regularly appears on Saudi TV channels.

How should a traveller perform his Salat and when can he combine and shorten and what is the distance when he can do so? In this regard, there are different opinions of scholars. Some scholars opine that if you travel at least 24 hours and some opine that if you travel for three days, some say 70 km, some say 81 km, and some say 120 km, then you are eligible for concession. Most of Saudi scholars believe that it is 81 km. Some scholars consider means of transportation and distance; however, these are not mentioned in the Quran and Ahadith.

Allah has granted us a life of ease during travel. When you leave your city, you can combine Salat of Zuhr and Asr and shorten (two rakats for each), and similarly for Maghrib (three rakats) and Isha (two rakats), said Dr. AlMuslih.


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