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Celebrating Unity and Understanding: Iftar Program in Tirthally Enlightens Attendees

Tirthally, Karnataka, April 11: In a beautiful showcase of interfaith harmony and community engagement, the Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) and JIH Women Wing of Tirthally recently hosted an inspiring Iftar program aimed at deepening understanding and appreciation of Islamic traditions, particularly the significance of fasting during Ramadan.

The event, held here, brought together a diverse group of women and girls, reflecting the rich tapestry of the community. The GIO members demonstrated remarkable dedication in inviting influential figures from Tirthally, including Kulsoom Abubaker, Assistant Editor of Anpama Monthly magazine, who graced the occasion as the guest speaker.

Ms. Kulsoom delivered a captivating discourse on Islam, fasting, and the teachings of the Quran, leaving attendees spellbound with her eloquence and profound insights. Her presentation was met with admiration and sparked meaningful discussions among the audience.

The gathering was attended by accomplished women from various professions, such as educators, principals, bank employees, and government officers. Headmistress Smt. Sonia voiced the sentiment that learning about different faiths empowers individuals to cultivate a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Another attendee, Smt. Kalpana Devi, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gain deeper insights into Ramadan observance, appreciating the organisers for extending the invitation.

Smt. Sujata Devi, a government employee, stressed the importance of mutual understanding and respect in a diverse society, highlighting that initiatives like this foster positive relationships by acknowledging and celebrating cultural and religious occasions like Ramadan.

The Iftar program proved to be a resounding success, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding among participants. Attendees expressed heartfelt appreciation to the JIH Women Wing and GIO Tirthally for organizing such an enlightening event.

The event not only celebrated Islamic traditions but also exemplified the spirit of unity and cultural exchange, demonstrating how diverse communities can come together in harmony. Through dialogue and shared experiences, the Iftar program in Tirthally underscored the beauty of embracing and celebrating differences, paving the way for a more cohesive and inclusive society.


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