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Real Kerala Story: Malappuram Church Welcomes Eid Prayers, Embracing Communal Harmony

Manjeri, Malappuram, April 11: In a touching display of communal unity, the Nicholas Memorial CSI Church here, opened its doors to thousands of Muslim worshippers for Eid prayers on Wednesday. This gesture, amidst a backdrop of controversy surrounding the film ‘The Kerala Story’, exemplifies the true essence of Kerala’s pluralistic society.

Traditionally, the Muslim community in Manjeri would gather at the Government Upper Primary School for Eid prayers. However, with the school premises unavailable due to election activities, the community faced uncertainty. Stepping in to bridge this gap, Father Joy Masilamani of the Nicholas Memorial CSI Church graciously offered the church’s six-acre premises for the Eid prayers when approached by the Eid celebration committee.

The church’s decision, made just three days before Eid, was met with swift action from the committee who arranged all necessary arrangements including sound systems and prayer carpets. This act of interfaith cooperation is not uncommon in Kerala but has gained significance amidst the ongoing controversy over ‘The Kerala Story’, which portrays contentious narratives about interreligious relationships.

Father Masilamani emphasized the importance of fostering communal harmony, especially in response to divisive propaganda. He highlighted Kerala’s rich history of religious tolerance and cooperation across faiths, showcasing this event as a true reflection of the state’s ethos.

The community’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many viewing this act as a testament to Kerala’s real story of unity amidst diversity. Muslim preacher Saudheen Salahi, praising the church’s decision, called for more such acts of love and solidarity across the nation to counter divisive forces.

This heartening display of communal harmony at the Nicholas Memorial CSI Church serves as a powerful reminder of Kerala’s inclusive spirit, transcending barriers and stereotypes in favor of mutual respect and understanding.


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