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CSSI hosts Orientation Programme on societal studies

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

A view of a session of the 3-day orientation programme

A 3-day orientation programme was held in Shanti Sadan Bangalore to initiate a thorough study of society, prevalent ideas, movements and currents under the auspices of Centre for Study of Society and Ideologies, CSSI from 2nd to 4th September.

It is an irony that in the era of knowledge explosion and technological advancement where the world has turned into a virtual village, there are myths and smokescreens around various communities and groups that coexist apparently. Due to which not only the gulf between communities is increasing but envy, hatred, even enmity is on the rise.

Throwing human values and kindness to the winds, people are bent upon to crush and eliminate each other from surface of the earth. Centres of learning and dissemination of information, law and order machinery and law making and implementing agencies are not only oriented for the evil design but are used ‘officially’ for this purpose. As a result, we are witnessing blood bath, destruction, evacuation, migration and degradation around us day in and day out.  At a high pitch of a grim situation how far this small beginning of a little-known centre of Bangalore will serve the purpose is a different question, but the step taken is itself commendable however small it is.

A glance at the details of the orientation programme indicates a silver lining under dark clouds. State president of Basava Samiti, Karnataka, Mr. Aravinda Jatti was invited to speak on Life and Message of Basavanna, Ligayath: A movement of social justice and equality. ‘Different communities of Coastal Karnataka’ was dealt by a renowned scholar, Prof. Chandra Poojary from Hampi University.

Likewise, a young writer Hulilkunte Murthi presented a comprehensive study of Dalits in Karnataka. Another famous writer and activist Dr. Banjagere Jayaprakash presented the socio-cultural scenario of the state. Each scholar spoke for 100 minutes followed by interaction from the participants – indicate the seriousness in approach at the end of the CSSI people.

It was not a namesake programme. Around 35 men and women, young and old who participated from across Karnataka were grouped as per their subjects of interest. They were given assignments that each group has to complete in a six months period. Some more interactive sessions among the respective group members are supposed to be held at their convenience.

The Centre has planned to conduct more workshops to educate and train keen students on different aspects of societies, religions and ideologies with regular intervals, as per its introductory note circulated.


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