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Veterinarians in Karnataka extend helping hand

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

‘It’s time to pay back to the society’ is the feeling that has dawned upon the retired veterinary doctors of Karnataka. As result a collective effort under the banner of Karnataka Apne Veterinarians Trust, was launched in Bangalore recently.

The motive is to help the deserving veterinary students across the state pursuing their under-graduation and post- graduation courses. Those who are desirous of going abroad for higher studies will also be helped by the Trust.

In the inception meeting, trustees disclosed that some of their members were already into this service at individual level, but it was limited to few. In order to enhance the volume and area, a state level body was formed. Presently around 75 both in service and retired veterinarians have join hands. Many more are likely to follow.

All the office bearers were elected unanimously. Dr Abdur Rahman, Dr. Abdul Ghani are president and vice president respectively. Dr. Sayeed Ahmed and Dr. P.A. Peeran are organising and joint secretaries. Dr. Ashfaq is elected as treasurer.


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