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Dozens killed in Rafah as Israel begins bombardment; ground assault likely

Radiance News Service

12 February 2024

According to reports coming in from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, at least 50 people have been killed in Israeli air and sea attacks on Rafah overnight. Social media accounts are reporting chilling scenes of constant bombardment in Rafah, which borders Egypt.

Location of Rafah, now home to 1.4 million Palestinians, the majority of whom were forced to flee from the North. (Associated Press)

Palestinians in Rafah were seen on social media videos asking why they had been told to move to Rafah in the first place if it was to be bombed. Rafah is home to 260,000 Palestinians, in addition to more 1.2 million displaced civilians during this genocide.

From the bombing, it is evident that a full-blown ground offensive is in the works. Israel’s planned ground offensive on Rafah will “blow up” the captive exchange negotiations, the Al-Aqsa television channel quoted a senior Hamas leader as saying.

A destroyed mosque seen following Israeli bombardment of Rafah on Monday morning (Mohammed Abed/AFP)

The Wafa news agency has said that the Al-Rahma mosque in Al-Shaboura and Al-Huda mosque in the Yabna camp, where dozens of people were sheltering, Central Gaza near the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent and areas close to the Egyptian border have been shelled. Heavy shelling was also seen around the Kuwait Hospital. On Sunday, the World Health Organization’s chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said reports of Israel’s offensive in Rafah were “extremely worrying”.





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