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Zakat Center India Hosts First National Zakat Conference

New Delhi, Feb. 12: Zakat Center India organized the first National Zakat Conference here Saturday. This momentous event aimed at uniting all Zakat Management Institutions in India, paving the way for their inter-institutional relationships and networking.

Zakat Center India (ZCI), in a statement, said, “Our primary objective is to create a common platform where these institutions can communicate, collaborate, and cooperate in their collective mission to fulfil the noble cause of Zakat. Our goal is to maximize the impact and reach of Zakat initiatives, ensuring that funds are utilized efficiently and effectively.”

Inaugurating the conference, ZCI Chairman S. Ameenul Hasan spoke on how we can turn Zakat takers into Zakat Givers. “The need is to communicate, collaborate and cooperate between different Zakat institutions for maximizing the impact and collaborative efforts between organizations,” he said.

Syed Zafar Mehmood, President Zakat Foundation of India spoke on the importance of using Zakat in Education and Empowerment.

There were three presentations on different topics of Zakat system. M. Hidayatullah, Chairman, Tamilnadu Baitulmaal Federation spoke about Zakat management through local mosques. Raziul Islam Nadvi, Trustee, ZCI spoke about Shariah Benchmarks and their compliance with the Zakat Management System, and threw light on how to follow Shariah in the collection and disbursement of Zakat funds.

Suhail Abbas IT Head, ZCI, spoke about the Mechanism of Zakat disbursement to beneficiaries and elaborated on how Monitoring and Mentoring beneficiaries play a decisive role in making them self-sufficient.

Farooq Siddiqui, National Head of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) spoke about Technology upgradation and sharing in Zakat Management System – how adopting technology can enhance our efficiency and impact.

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui, Secretary, ZCI spoke about the importance of economic awareness through Zakat system.

The organizations that participated in this historic event were MESCO (Mumbai), Zakat & Charitable Foundation (Lucknow), Zakat Foundation of India (Delhi), Tamilnadu Baitulmals Federation (Chennai), Association of Muslim Professionals (Mumbai), Pro Zakat Foundation (Delhi), Oruma (Chennai), ZCI Jaipur, ZCI Malerkotla, ZCI Sambhal, ZCI Mumbai, ZCI Bareilly, ZCI Delhi, ZCI Bhopal, ZCI Chennai and ZCI Nagpur units.

Zakat Center India is a PAN India registered organization, established on January 28, 2022, with a nationwide presence of 20 units. Its mission is to revive Collective Zakat system as an Ibadah, aiming for a poverty-free, self-reliant Ummah.




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