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French lawmaker calls for sanctions on Israel over Gaza war

Dec. 7: French MP, Alma Dufour, of La France Insoumise has called on the government to impose sanctions on Israel over its ongoing aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip, in which it has killed over 16,000 Palestinians including over 6,000 children, she explained.

According to Middle East Monitor, Dufour, while speaking at the National Assembly, addressed French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne and said: “Madam Minister, the truce has ended, and hell has returned to earth. With 1.9 million Gazans displaced in the south, which was also not free from Israeli bombing.”

“How long will you continue to allow [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu to put the entire Middle East region in danger?” she asked.

She said they had all seen the images of children dying in Gaza, adding that President Emmanuel Macron had called for a ceasefire, however days later his deputy reassured Israel of France’s support for it.

“We must,” she continued, “impose diplomatic and economic sanctions” on Israel.


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