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Yemen’s Houthi gov’t criminalises recognition of Israel

Dec. 7: Yemen’s Houthi-led government issued new legislation on Tuesday prohibiting and criminalising recognition of Israel and normalising relations with it, reports Middle East Monitor.

According to the SABA news agency, the President of Sanaa-based Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, signed the new law which aims to prohibit and criminalise recognition and normalisation with the occupation state.

After signing Sanaa law No.(4), Al-Mashat affirmed that normalisation with Israel is a betrayal of the Arab Islamic nation, Islam, and the people. He stated that the law will allow Yemen to move more effectively and officially in “confronting the usurping Zionist entity and supporting the Palestinian people and resistance,” the outlet reported.

Al-Mashat was quoted as saying: “Yemen’s position in supporting the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance cannot be reversed.”

“We will continue to target the Zionist entity in all possible ways until its aggression and genocide of brothers in Gaza stop,” he added.

Last month, the Yemeni House of Representatives in Sanaa voted and passed a law “banning and criminalising recognition of the Israeli occupation entity and normalisation with it.”

The purpose of the drafted law is also to “prevent the establishment of diplomatic, political, military, economic, cultural, or any other direct or indirect relations with the occupation entity.”

Last year, Iraq became the first Arab country to formally ban normalisation with Israel by passing a law criminalising normalisation with the apartheid state. At the time, parliament said it was “a true reflection of the people.”


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