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Fresh order in Bihar banning provocative sloganeering during religious procession

By Sami Ahmed

Patna, Nov. 17
In view of recent incidents of communal flare-ups due to provocative sloganeering, the home department of the Bihar government has issued a ban on such things during religious processions and Shobha Yatras. During the recently concluded Durga Puja in Chhapra, there was communal tension over provocative sloganeering leading to internet shutdown.

The new order says that using high-decibel loudspeakers would be strictly prohibited. In addition to this, provocative sloganeering and songs have also been on the ban list. Arms like bamboo sticks, javelins, swords and firearms will also be banned from brandishing during the religious procession.

The home department has written letters in this regard to all DMs and SPs and has asked to ensure that the orders are followed.

Special Secretary in the home department K Suhita Anupam has written that due to the use of high-volume loudspeakers, provocative sloganeering and the exhibition of traditional arms have caused communal disharmony and tension in the society.

The letter says that to avoid communal tension, it has been decided that a license to take out religious processions and Shobha Yatras will be given only with the condition that there would be no provocative sloganeering, outrageous songs, or the brandishing of banned arms. All the processions would be videographed and the clip would be kept for three months to take the required action.

The fresh order says that the Sikh community will be allowed to take only Kripan during the religious procession and there will be a ban on brandishing any other arms. Permission would be required in case a sword is to be taken in the procession. The permission would be issued in the individual’s name.

The letter says that 10 to 25 people will have to give an undertaking that there would be no disturbance during the religious procession. Names, addresses and Aadhar numbers of such persons would be noted down.

Observers say that this is a welcome order for ensuring peace during religious processions but they also emphasize that the culprit must be punished for violating the ban order as such persons often get scot-free.


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