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Women’s Role Vital to Community Development: Shaista Rafat




By Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

Bengaluru, Nov. 17
For every big task to be achieved, planned and organized efforts are very essential especially in case of propagation and establishment of Divine Order, said Shaista Rafat, national secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind here. Addressing a state level meeting of the women organisers of Karnataka, the JIH national secretary emphasized over clear understanding of the vision and mission of the Jamaat and the motive behind the endeavors.

Speaking on ‘team building and strengthening’, Mrs. Rafat explained further the crucial nature of strengthening women of the society. Turning the leaves of history, she referred to the women companions of the Prophet ﷺ who played an important role in almost all spheres of the Prophet’s mission. Taking the message to individuals living at home to handling the mercantile activities and even assisting the combating forces in the battlefield, women’s contribution was very vital, she said.

Earlier, the state secretary Tashkeela Khanum briefed the audience of the two-day programme about the four-year plan of Karnataka, followed by the highlights of trimonthly action taken report presented by Tasneem Farzana, assistant secretary of the state.

District organisers from six places presented their views on the basic and obligatory task laid down in the national policy and programme of the Jamaat. Mulla Basirat Bazigah from Hasan, Saleha Noreen of Bengaluru, Anjum Yaqeen representing Bijapur, Mahjabeen from Bellary, Fouzia Sultan representing Koalar and Kulsum Abubakar of Udupi took part in the debate. Central Committee member of the Women’s wing Shahnaz Batool presided over the program.

A symposium on ‘Women’s Role in Community Empowerment’ was held on the occasion under the chairmanship of the national secretary Shaista Rafat.

Talent and Skill Development workshop was conducted by Dr. Syed Kazim, state assistant secretary of the Jamaat, followed by a discussion on ‘Inter Personal Relationship’ which was presided over by the state secretary Tashkeela Khanum.

The tools of self- development and micro planning was explained by Shaista Rafat followed by a debate on ‘Inventions, Platforms and Strategy’ under the stewardship of the state advisory council member of the Jamaat Sajidunnisa.

The programme was formally concluded with the carry home remarks by Dr. Belgami Muhammad Sa’ad, the state president of the Jamaat.


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